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POST MATCH THREAD : Charlton Athletic Vs Oxford Utd : Monday 1st January 2024 : KO 15:00

New Year, new start? With Alfie May out, the omens did not look good before the match, and it panned out much as we feared. First half we took the lead fairly early on, after Chem Campbell put the rebound in after CBT's shot was parried by Beadle. We had some good attacking play, but midway in the half we conceded an equaliser after Edun didn't get tight enough to his man, and Hector got beaten to the cross for an easy tap in. Second half, we had some nice moments going forward and Hector made some great defensive interventions, but Oxford gradually became more dominant. After Tennai Watson and CBT went off, we conceded the winner shortly afterwards on the 85th minute, from a screamer from about 25 yards out, which may have taken a slight deflection off Dobson. One bright moment was Patrick Casey making his Charlton first team debut, but there were a smattering of boos near the end and at the final whistle
Final score CAFC 1 Oxford 2
Over to you


  • Appleton/Scott have to go, utter dross created by a blokes who have no clue
  • Has Mickey I know what I'm doing Apples still the manager ???

    Cannot wait for the wonderful excuses!!!
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  • Oh dreary me!  Christmas started with a whimper, continued with a whimper and finished with a whimper! Let's hope 2024 does not start with a whimp...e...h?
  • Appleton made negative subs, we sat back and then conceded. Then we’re chasing a goal with our best attacker sat on the sidelines 
  • Many of us predicted a toxic start to 2024.

    Wholesale clearout needed - Scott, Appleton and the whole frigging lot with them in the back room - no doubt they will sell whoever they can. Alfie, Dobbo will probably go.

    The current leadership will not transform the club in a good way, but they will stay and accelerate the decline. 

  • Appletons last game surely?! Tactically poor again. Went ahead and had long periods of control but never really looked like scoring the second and fully taking control. 
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  • The owners, NOT Scott, need to decide whether they think Appleton is the man that can turn around the clubs fortunes. With that plan, significant more sums of money are required, such is the dire situation. Regardless of budget in this league, or reteric, the reality is that a wholesale squad and management change is needed, top down, if this slide is to be stopped. Whether the funds are available will become clearer very soon.

    If we were a car, we've broken down on the M1 and all the other cars are passing us, whilst we wait for a tow truck. Even when it arrives major repairs will be needed, just to get moving again. Catching up with the rest is not possible. 
  • 1-1 against Oxford - Holden goes attacking and we lose to a late goal.

    1-1 against Oxford - Appleton goes defensive and we lose to a late goal.

    Maybe we’re just not at the required level.
    Agree - we are L1 cannon fodder.

  • Anyone left who thinks this bloke is the right choice as manager/coach or whatever the stupid title is?

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