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POST-MATCH THREAD: Charlton Athletic vs Burton Albion: Saturday 23rd December 2023 | KO 3:00pm

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I’m going to keep this short. It was a bore fest. Charlton controlled the match throughout, with Burton applying pressure sparingly. But Charlton weren’t able to actually create much, despite Burton’s hapless form. Charlton went ahead on twenty minutes through brilliant interplay between our two centre-halves, with Michael Hector putting a peach of a cross into the box for a leaping Lloyd Jones to head home. That was most of everything good.

Nothing else much happened until the 92 minute, where Charlton gifted a chance for Burton to poke home the equaliser. 93 minute, the match was over.

Like Jesus turning water into wine, Charlton again turn three points into one.

The atmosphere was flat throughout. There needs to be some accountability for the lack of urgency… it continues to be a problem. 

Charlton 1 Burton 1

Over to you.


  • CBT an enigma. 
  • Well i didn't see that coming.........much
  • Not Fraser’s best game but as soon as he came off they seem to lose their composure and not for the first time…
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  • Once again, how is MA going to defend this, the normal dribble, not good enough, poor appointment by the owners, MA is way out of touch, we get what we pay for nowadays, season over!
  • Had 1-1 written all over it from the off, and especially after Corey dallied.  Ash does command the box and that means the defence is too often on the back foot for set pieces
  • Same Shit different day,
    when will these wankers realise that they cannot rely on a 1-0 lead.
    tactically inept Crap with zero passion !!!!!!
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  • Predictable despite us all thinking we should win this one. It's just so predictable now and at present we are mid table at best. Continue to disappoint.
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    Managed to gift the opposition the points far too much this season. Burton genuinely at times looked like Cray Valley in quality. 

    Just a bad team all round. No game management and no leadership. Poor performances throughout too. 
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    Helps don't it BP?
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