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Post-Match Thread | Charlton Athletic v Cheltenham Town | 11/09/21

The visitors went ahead early on and then doubled their lead on the half hour mark, seeing the half out with a dominating performance. This wasn’t the game we were all expecting. 

Changes were made early in the second half (Leko and then Washington) and we finally found the impetus to get back into it. Leko found the net shortly after coming on.  We looked to  capitalise on the momentum from the goal and draw level. But it wasn’t to be. The game was lost in the first half.

Over to you.


  • What a load of shit. That is all.
  • I must admit I'm finding it hard to sleep right now. It's past 12am. Have we ever been this low before? Ever?😰
  • 4 points from 18 says it all
  • Shambles, but don't expect anything else from a bunch of mediocre League one squad players. Despite all the centre mids we have, none of them look good enough................
  • Spent all summer taking an ageing, uninspiring squad and making it arguably worse.

    We needed some decent loans to add some youth. We didn’t do it and it’s made us look very one dimensional.
  • " Wage packet here with Diallang written on it....... Does it belong to anybody here? "

    "Ja........Yes........ I........Me",  he replied embarrassingly.

  • As if we weren't as much as a laughing stock we insist on playing 'addicks to victory ' an absolutely appauling piece of music, and miserably distant concept.
  • I am trying to retain positivity but running out of excuses. 
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  • I know it’s still early days (for this season if nothing else) but we haven’t even had the brief pleasure of a false dawn have we. I dread to think how much further we might fall. 
  • On the way home. We aren't going anywhere this season, thought Cheltenham looked more likely to get another after we scored.
  • " Wage packet here with Diallang written on it....... Does it belong to anybody here? "

    "Ja........Yes........ I........Me",  he replied embarrassingly.

    You can say that again…

    oh you did.
  • Where do you even start with that. Don’t want to dig Stockley out too much because the system just doesn’t work for him but he looked like a donkey today. We needed a backup. Every CM partnership we’ve played has been dreadful so unless Arter can play 40 games like he’s prime Iniesta we’re in for a long year. DJ and Kirk awful. Defence was dreadful throughout. Leno is the only one who comes out of that with any credit apart from maybe Lee for a few decent moments 
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  • Certainly no better than under Bowyer in my opinion, even at the end. 
  • The danger of not turning up for 45mins. You kill the game for yourselves. We make everything look so bloody hard....apart from let the opposition run through you.
  • Managed by an optimistic, "up-beat" corpse?
  • We weren’t incredible in the second half, but if we’d played like we did in the second for the full 90 we’d have won, I think. First half was very poor though. Players need to up the intensity but Adkins deeply at fault for getting the starting selection and shape wrong and also not changing it earlier. 

    I wasn’t convinced Adkins was the right appointment and I’m still not. This will all take time though and hopefully things start to gel more as the weeks go by. I do still see signs of the team we can be but lots of work to do. Things will need to really gel as it will take a hell of a run from here to get back into automatic promotion contention and even the playoffs look a stretch.
  • This squad of players should be able to challenge in league one. Adkins getting this hopelessly wrong IMO 
  • Struggling to find the excitement and hope that this season should be providing! 

    First half was shocking, don’t like a striker being the captain as theres no leadership whatsoever further
    down the pitch- very obvious today…

    lavelle looks ok, lee looks promising (being that he didn’t have a chance and very isolated, he grew into the game). God knows why there was so much hype about Leko - as beside his goal, I’m not sure what he brings to the team yet? Right wing was glaringly lacking a Charlton man yet we kept attacking that side- bizarre! 

    Defence really misses a no nonsense Ryan innis - wouldn’t mind seeing him play with lavelle potentially!

    papé Souare looks good, and can only be a vast improvement on Gunter, whilst Kirk and DJ looked as if they didn’t wanna play.

    frustrating day, but signs of potentially positive things to come!
  • 8 points off the playoffs after 6 games is a shocking start. Yes there is plenty of time to turn it around but the nature of our performances doesn't fill you with much confidence. 
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