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Charlton v Millwall - Post Match Views

OK it can only get better


  • Seen worse - but not much. That was truly horrible to watch. No idea what Powell can do to get some confidence and belief into the side, because they looked like a team that expected to lose today and then accepted its fate without much protest...
  • One word - Dross.
  • I feel let down yet again by an insipid gutless display where not one player stepped upto the plate for us. Fucking useless as usual and Forde didn't have a save to make. Can't even say Millwall were any good. I am once again royally pissed off.
  • Only watched it on stream. Two poor teams.min spite of the knockers, Stephens is one of the few who can almost hold his head high
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    Nothing positive to take from today sadly, on way home, standard mark 1 home defeat to Millwall.

    Tactic A - Sideways, sideways, backwards, hoof

    Tactic B - Sideways, sideways, backwards, misspass they shoot or score

    Tactic C - didn't see one,

    I am hardly ever this negative and I am sure its a knee jerk reaction to a game that means so much but I was genuinely concerned by a performance like that. Well done Simon Church for at least trying.

  • Stephens !!! No. Only Church can do that.
  • You really don't want to know ny post match views
  • Took us till 93rd minute to force their keeper into a save. Says it all really!!
  • Tip tap tip tap tip tap hoof/give it away.....repeat to fade.

    Utter shit. Gutless to a man. You have to laugh when they put up a pretence at the end that they are gutted! Don't make me laugh, they clearly didn't give a shit for the preceeding 95mins.

    Don't care about the lack of quality in the squad, there is no excuse for a total and utter lack of effort.

    Anyone who still spins the "we'll be ok" line is deluded.
  • Awful game, no fight, no passion, no atmosphere and it was won by a deflection.

    Why Piggott was still on the field for 70 minutes when he was obviously out of his depth was poor management. Leaving it late to make subs and playing harriott and Stewart on the opposite wings was inexcusable
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  • Relegation form , tactics, effort and points total . Dreadful !
  • Personally would've stuck to 3-5-2 and just swapped Piggot for Sordell. 4-4-2 looked toothless, good as the wingers may be.

    Don't understand people screaming when the team are keeping possession. The same people then go beserk when a long ball goes to nowhere.

    Would've won with a fit Kermorgant.

    Miiiiiill were equally poor.
  • I'm glad I watch 90% of my games away from the valley .. the atmosphere there is simply poisonous and no wonder with the way the team performs there .. there is just no excuse for the chicken shit performances put on by most of the team today ... I get the impression they have no faith in the way the management wants them to play, and no real idea of how to carry out his tactics, if 'tactics' is the right word

  • The players need to read this site and see how shite they were. Even hughes or gower would have been the better option and passed it around more than this shower of shit
  • A complete waste of time and money. Can't wait for Powell's post match comments.
  • Only positives are Church looking like he cares and wants to play for us, and Dervite was solid enough.

    I disagree with an earlier post about Stephens. I thought he was awful. Sideways, prance around like a fairy, backwards.

    Feel really sorry for Pigott. What a bad day for him. His confidence will be rock bottom now.

    Very hard to see where the wins will come from.
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    SE7toSG3 said:

    Well done Simon Church for at least trying.

    Everyone tried. I don't think there was a lack of effort. No professional walks on to the pitch and then deliberately omits to try. You and I would "try" if by some freak circumstance we suddenly found ourselves pulling on the shirt.

    But effort is meaningless on its own. It only works in combination with some, if not all, of the following : application, concentration, technical skill, tactical acumen, confidence, ambition, self-belief.

    And there was an almost total absence of all of those.

  • First time in years I have truly felt let down by what was on the pitch by a Charlton side.

    The fact that we were so bad against them last time seemed to make little difference in terms of us upping our game.

    Home support - dreadful and embarrassing. As much as the players didn't play it like a derby, neither did those sat at home making excuses for not being there in our biggest home game of the season.

    Joe Pigott - been saying it for a few weeks now but I genuinely don't know why he is a senior player right now. We would have been better off playing a midfielder out of position, just anyone who has a distinct trait about their game that we can feed off of. I know he is young and still developing, but starting in the Championship in a local derby when you haven't even scored a league goal makes no sense.

    I genuinely do not know how on earth some people on here entertained the possibility that we would win this.
  • Awful game, no fight, no passion, no atmosphere and it was won by a deflection.

    Why Piggott was still on the field for 70 minutes when he was obviously out of his depth was poor management. Leaving it late to make subs and playing harriott and Stewart on the opposite wings was inexcusable

    Don't agree with that last point. Stewart cutting in on his right foot was the only time we looked like we had any attacking threat at all
  • Everytime the ball went to one of our players on the halfway line it got either hoofed to their keeper or ours, need some lone signings urgently
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  • The biggest issue with today's game is the 12.15 kick off didnt give me sufficient time to drink enough to handle that performance.

    Can I make a nomination for most hypocritical fan of the day ? In the north upper some character walking out with five minutes to go openly slagging off the rest of the stand for not getting behind the team !
  • Stewart, Wood and Harriott are the only ones who shouldn't feel completely and utterly ashamed of themselves after that. Absolutely terrible and there is no excuse for such little effort. Millwall were rubbish, we were worse.
  • Burnley

    I shudder to think how many points we will have after that.
  • Thanks to me choosing to live on another continent and Sky choosing not to televise us much (who can blame them) in the last 12 months I've seen 3 games live, two of which have been gutless defeats to Millwall. Not good for the soul.

    It's only one game but it needs to be a watershed moment because everything about it was below the minimal acceptable level.

    Felt sorry for Piggott, he was trying too hard and it was a bit of a silly game to choose to give him a full debut. Nothing came off and he looked like he had a terrible game because he actually tried things that didn't come off. Truth is Church was worse because he did virtually nothing at all.
  • Well ... that was awful. All that midfield possession with sweet FA at the end of it. It's a total joke how much we rely on Kermy but we would have won with him! But the team were too damn thick to realise that the rest of our strikers aren't Yann, but still continue to hoof/play balls that were never going to stick! YOU CAN ONLY PLAY LIKE THAT WITH YANN!!!

    Hamer should be ashamed of himself, he mis kicks out of play and somebody shouts something out to him. He turns around and shouts at him, "f*** off". Now I don't know what was said to him but there are no excuses for that, the fella pays your wages!

  • I expected not to win, but not in quite that manner. The fact that Millwall were dreadful says it all. I really don't want to hear Powelly's Pardew-esque spin from the press conference.
  • An awful game and defeat to the softest of soft goals.

    A largely static midfield (not helped by Stephens slowing things down at every opportunity) made it easy for a mediocre Millwall side to just keep their shape and challenge us to open them up - which we were totally unable to do, notwithstanding a couple of promising moments from the Stewart and Harriott.

    We have Yann and Chris Solly to come back but the reality is that we are going to face a very difficult season. We'll just have to try and get this one out of our system as soon as possible. A few pints might help
  • The excuses flooding out from Powell, missing two players shouldn't cause a performance that dreadful. At least play to win.
  • Going to get a lot of stick, but Powell's times up and Piggott got made to look appalling by two below average centre backs.
    Completely awful
  • Wow what an atmosphere , that was gonna lift the players , not that if we had sung and got behind the team it'd make much difference to that pathetic shower of shite.

    Useless beyond belief

    0% top half ......... 13th-21st 70% ......... Relegation 30%
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