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POST-MATCH THREAD: Burton Albion vs Charlton Athletic: Sat 20th January 2024 | KO 15:00

Gonna keep this brief. Charlton arrived in Staffordshire with all six new signings in the squad and hope that another new dawn might see us finally heading in the right direction. Charlton dominated possession for the first twenty five minutes, carving out some decent half chances and limiting Burton to largely chasing shadows. But Burton were resolute and scored the opener through classic route one football. Charlton continued in the way they had started, by shaking off the sucker blow and building back up. 

Unfortunately, two minutes into the second half and Burton struck again. That was enough to see out the win for the home side, as Charlton failed to find a footing and too easily folded. You can argue about potential penalties and a Burton keeper in fine form. The second half was poor and the season-long defensive frailties proved costly.

New players, same old result. Appleton’s surely on shakey ground, having conceded twelve goals through this poor run of form, but pronouncements of support (and the quick trigger early in the season) have perhaps boxed the senior management team in to giving more time. It’s plain to see though, Appleton hasn’t had any effect on stemming the damage as we get pulled further and further towards an unthinkable relegation.

Burton Albion 2 Charlton 0
Over to you.


  • Fortunately 3 of our relegation rivals lost as well
  • So so bad haha
  • Awful just awful. No guts from anyone. Manager has not got a clue. 
  • Get Big Sam on the dog and bone, He will save us.
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  • Laddick01 said:
    Connor Coventry must be wishing he got his parents a Ring Doorbell for Christmas.

    Oh thank you for the genuine laugh... thats brilliant
  • The defensive errors have to stop or we will get relegated, simple.
    Appleton waited too long second half to change it.
    Dobson is not an 8.
    We have lost our main attacking wing threat.
    All very depressing.
  • Enough is enough.  Appleton needs to fuck off!!
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  • edited January 20
    Unless we win on Tuesday then I feel there is no option but to sack Appleton. It's clear most supporters have lost faith and no wins in 10 matches is not a hiccup and will take a lot of turning around. We are, like it or not, already involved in a relegation scrap and the next three games, which are all tough, could end up with us dragged into the bottom four.  I know the board have backed Appleton in the transfer window but I am seriously doubting if he has the skills needed.

    His post-match comments will be interesting. Let's see if he acknowledges the scale of the problems and offers ideas for resolving them. They can't be ignored.
  • Laddick01 said:
    Connor Coventry must be wishing he got his parents a Ring Doorbell for Christmas.

    Despite the absolute shit show we are, this made me piss myself
  • Appleton and whoever coaches the defence out otherwise we're in a relegation battle and this team looks leaderless and devoid of the ability to fight to stay up. 
  • To not even get a result with 6 new signings is really poor 
  • At work just got in from plant ops about 5 mins ago. Was dead quite in the room and i knew we got gubbed. Couldn't believe it when i saw the score. 16th now and 7 points behind the likes of Northampton. We are just plain awful.
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