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POST MATCH THREAD : Leyton Orient Vs Charlton Athletic : Tuesday Boxing Day 2023 : KO 13:00

Filling in for @LoOkOuT today, as he's off on his travels.
Christmas is a time for hangovers and being absolutely stuffed, and I went into the game hoping that would only apply to the fans in the stands and not the players on the pitch.The first half was generally scrappy with a couple of good chances in quick succession from Chem Campbell and Fraser around the 20 minute mark, a fairly tenuous penalty shout, and a couple of scares in our area. There were a few delays due to Edun having to go off with a bloodied shirt, and Chem Campbell getting Pratleyed.
Second half, Orient started more brightly and had some good chances from corners and free kicks. Our play was quite well stifled by Orient, occasionally at the expense of a booking. The ref wasn't especially impressive either, possibly peaking with looking like he indicated a free kick to Orient on the half way line, then penalising the Orient player for kicking the ball away when he tried to take it quickly. Orient scored after we could have done better clearing the ball, and we only really had a couple of chances. One was where the keeper saved from CBT, and one where May flashed the ball wide of the post from a free kick that Kanu won on the left hand edge of the area.Towards the end Dobbo got booked for complaining to the ref after he didn't get a penalty for getting his shirt pulled in the 6 yard box
Final score: Orient 1 - Charlton 0 - not absolutely stuffed, but definitely a hangover style performance



  • The owners must now be thinking, 'We should have bought the Jimmy Saville Appreciation Society.' 
  • Lisbie: He can't hold the team accountable!

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  • I have actually not watched any of the current manager's interviews, it is nothing personal, I just think whoever it is will be relieved of his job about a year after taking over.  2023 has been abject for the club.
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    Aribo scores for Saints, I know, who cares
    Doughty scores for Luton🤗
  • We needed to WIN today, but cocked it up AGAIN, season is now over unless miracles are performed January 🤔… yes I know…
  • Need to build a team for next season. Bring in players for next season. Bring in a new manager first though. Apples is clueless.
  • Bag. Of. Shit.
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  • Croydon said:
    Only positive was the crowd fully turned on them at the end, both players and Appleton.

    I genuinely hate every single one of them. 

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    Judging by what I have seen before now and what I've read today, I can't help but think we need two things to have a crack at promotion. 

    1. A new manager that is both experienced and proven.
    2. 5-7 seasoned players in the mold of Alfie May Hungry, excel in their natural position and willing to work. 

    This is gonna cost at least £3-5 million to get players and a manager that are worth it.

    Hopefully our US Based billionaires can find it in them to commit like Wrexham did to getting a job done, being aware of the cost to them this season, but that it may take until end of next season to make it. 

    So I guess the new game is who is the right manager and who are the players that will make us promotion worthy?
  • Not blaming the youngsters because some so called experienced players are massively underperforming but I’m not sure any of these players are of the required standard to play League One football. Maybe they will in future but it’s not helping us and it shows how weak the squad is. I’m really not convinced we’ll be seeing an influx of quality players and Appleton is the most boring, nothing manager we could have employed. Desperate times right now. Interest is falling off a cliff.
  • Any reason why we cant look into just keeping the Match thread as the Post Match thread? Just lost a Grapevine sized post on there because it was closed halfway though typing it.

  • Somehow that was even worse than the Burton game.

    Once again, pathetic performances in November-December against opposition we should be beating every time on paper has reduced the season to another pointless tedious formality, and there’s still 5 months left.
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