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POST-MATCH THREAD: Charlton Athletic vs Bolton Wanderers: Saturday 28th October 2023 | KO 3:00 PM

Bolton arrived at the Valley in fourth place and quickly showed the gulf in quality between the top half and the middle of the table. The northerners dominated the first half and largely looked unassailable. We looked shakey at the back (what’s new) and toothless in possession; it could have been a few more if not for Ashley Maynard-Brewer.

The second half proved different as Charlton found a foothold in the game. Bolton began to look less confident at the back (they do concede quite a few) and Charlton carved a number of chances that, on another day, would have put us right back into contention. However, we weren’t able to score and, despite the pressure, we weren’t likely to. Louie Watson on for Fraser gave us more at both ends and Miles Leaburn made an instant impact. Ultimately, Bolton cruised to three points and moved up into second in the table.

Unfortunately, we’re not good enough to challenge consistently. 

Charlton 0 Bolton 2

Over to you.


  • Be interesting to see if we snap out of it against Wigan midweek.
  • better 2nd half but I think they allowed that a bit. So frustrating for Apples as whoever he brings on always looks better than who they replace until he starts them then it’s the other way round. We avoided the trouncing I thought we would be getting after that 1st half. Most teams will lose to Bolton this season imo they are the best team in the league
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    Better second half but the bar was very low. Some very inept performances first half which gave us a mountain to climb.

    The midfield markedly improved with the introduction of Watson. Fraser Camara Dobson was totally unbalanced. 

    Defence all at sea for both goals failure to match up at a short corner T Watson slow to close down for the first then turns his back on shot! 

    Second goal neither Dobson but especially Jones failed to track scorer Charles who was more alert into the box.

    If it hadn’t been for man of the match AMB it could have been a rout by half time.

    Still plenty of football left but we have not done ourselves any favours catching the top six these last two games😞.

  • Down to Appleton today more than the players. Formation, style and selection neither good nor brave enough. Bolton taught us a lesson and Evatt outclassed and outthought Appleton at every turn. 

    This isn’t about a poor day at the office, that gap in points to the play offs is getting bigger and we will struggle to catch up unless we go on a WINNING streak - home and away. This is simply not good enough this last week.

    Hector bench, Thomas rest, Fraser bench, Campbell protect and bench to name but four. 

    If Abankwah is good enough to play Serie A football, why is he being overlooked here? We need to change it up and go 4-4-2 imho. We have nothing to lose if we want to get out of this shit league.
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    We were outplayed by a superior Bolton side back in January and today the gap has not closed with what looked a wider gap. We lost 10 all season when last promoted, now we are on 6.
  • Too early to draw any conclusions but between a quarter and a third of the season gone and we are 8 points off play offs and 4 off relegation. In danger of petering out again unless we can put a decent run together. I think we have way too much about is to get drawn into a struggle at the bottom (so long as the wheels don’t come off) but we look way off challenging at the top end too. 
  • How long was Terrell Thomas’ 30 seconds off the pitch after the injury? 60 seconds? More? And Bolton rubbed it in by keeping the ball right in front of him. Then scored.
    getting on the tube now lol
  • Over run and well beaten.. dont think I have seen a corner routine lead to a goal like that...I am sure the receiver of the short corner was the one who scored the goal...never the less 5 or 6 passes no -one challenged we deserve what we got.

    Too little too late 2nd half. Wigan and pompey await oh well.
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  • Can see a losing run here topped off by getting dumped out of the cup by Cray Valley live on national TV and then taxi for Mr Apples. When will it all end?
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    Second best all over the pitch. Completely outplayed in the first half. Improved in the second, but squandered too many chances to get back into it.

    I'd like to see Louis Watson starting in preference to Fraser who blows hot and cold, but was decidedly chilly today. Not sure why Campbell lasted the full 90, looked very lightweight. CBT, had his most disappointing game in a long while. I think the player who deserved the most credit for effort today was May, but sadly when he wasn't in the shadow of Toal, he was in the even bigger shadow of Santos.
  • JamesSeed said:
    How long was Terrell Thomas’ 30 seconds off the pitch after the injury? 60 seconds? More? And Bolton rubbed it in by keeping the ball right in front of him. Then scored.
    getting on the tube now lol
    Wasn't much more than 30 seconds, certainly nowhere near the minute most around me were screaming it was.
  • Ow well, at least it stayed two only.
  • I’m beginning to think we will have to recall Kanu from Southend now . The limited choice up front has shown since Chuks got injured. 
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