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Post Match Thread: Charlton v Burton Albion | Tues 23rd Feb 2021

A strange feeling of deja vu with this one. We hit the woodwork several times before taking the lead from another Stockley header, let Burton back into it due to poor defending in several areas, have a goal disallowed for offside and then lose to a deflected shot.
Your thoughts? (preferably without too much bickering)


  • F*#ck my old boots
  • Not only do we lose the ball easily, we make other teams look like world beaters. So disappointed. 
  • Late to the “bowyer out” party.

    But that’s it for me, he’s gotta go, it’s pathetic.
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  • We could play for another hour and still not score the equaliser tonight. Season looking to be over unless a change is made I fear. 
  • thanks LB, but it's time for you to go now.  
  • Utter utter dire 

    football has been wank for months now.

    I refuse to watch the games now, until bowyer has gone. 
  • Bowyer has proved again he hasn't got a clue. Get him out now Thomas ffs.  When I saw the line up I was pleased that we were playing 5 in midfield even though 2 of them were Pratley and Watson but to play 5 at the back against Burton is nothing short pathetic. The desperate attempts to change the formation 38 times during the game killed us even more. Bowyer has lost the plot and needs to bloody go now.
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  • Same old same old week in week out - Bowyer out his depth tactically and has been for over a year 
  • Another formation change, but another poor performance.

    I'm convinced if we played a flat 4-4-2 from the start that would have been a completely different result. No disrespect, but you can see that Burton are a side who lack any quality - but we, once again, looked utterly clueless and like we didn't have any sort of game plan. 

  • Rubbish management and rubbish team performance - all very depressing. We're garbage and getting worse.

    Lee deserves the sack - he can't do the job.
  • In seasons past, The Valley was a fortress.


    "The front door key's under the mat, there's plenty of tea and coffee in the cupboard, and a fridge full of beer - help yourself."
  • Second half was indefensible.  Formation and tactics literally appear random.
  • Seasons over
    weve done enough to stay up - you would hope 
    Chance of playoffs still but very slim. 
  • W A N ... K ...      oh forget it!
  • Terrible. 
    I think TS and Jed Roddy have a busy couple of months ahead getting a replacement. 
    Put in JJ or Jason in as caretaker and take our time getting the right man . 
    Thomas must wonder what he’s let himself in for ! 
  • We could play for another hour and still not score the equaliser tonight. Season looking to be over unless a change is made I fear. 
    Another hour! I said to my son that we'd need until sunrise.
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