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Post-match Thread: Fleetwood v Charlton | Sat 20 Feb 2021

A point away in windy conditions is the most positive way to see it. We weren’t in it in the second half and road our luck quite a bit, but we’ve come away with a point. Take it and run.

Over to you in the cheap seats. Discusssss.


  • Well, it wasn’t pretty!
  • how on earth have we taken a point from that!? awful perfomance and a point massively papers over the cracks
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    Bowyer bingo.... over to you 

    Due a run, injuries, bad pitch, were the better team... etc etc 
  • that second half was just atrocious to watch. completely outplayed. by fleetwood...
  • Good point (shows how far we have fallen to think a draw against Fleetwood is a good result) but we were shite second half.
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  • Fleetwood 22 shots
    Charlton 4 shots 
    Say no more. 
  • Pathetic performance, pathetic changes again, Pathetic tactics.
  • Under LB we are going nowhere but downwards, unfortunately.
  • Straw Poll
    1) Cup Half-Full
    2) Cup Half-Empty
    3) We don't have a cup. 

    Hull 3-3 Donny

  • Bet Thomas wishes he had kept the receipt 
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  • Crap (again).  Nothing more to say as it is said every week.
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    We are shit should be safe now.

    Going further backwards under Bowyer, tactically inept.
  • I honestly think Bowyer has lost the plot.
    The longer he remains our manager the worse we seem to play. 
    With the players at his disposal today to turn in a performance as bad as that is totally unacceptable. 
    Do the right thing Mr.Sandgaard and bring in a new manager now so that he can see what is needed for next season. 
  • cant wait to see how Bowyer explains that performance
  • After we scored pretty much the whole team were at the celebration. Good to see. But second half there seemed to be no cohesion. 
  • Kind of realised how average we are. So many teams will turn us over in this run in.

    Deflating season for so many reasons. I don’t know what the best course for us is right now.
    All I will say is Bowyer can’t have too many complaints if he does end up unemployed.

    It really is turgid stuff.

  • Well we didn't lose... somehow

    our saviour Famewo did 90 but looked ropey.

    Millar all puff.

    Stockley scored and we only conceded one so there's that
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