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Charlton Athletic v Wigan Athletic | Post Match Thread

A hard fought 1-0 with a number of contentious moments and a not insignificant amount of blood shed. Thoughts?


  • Very fortunate to win that. Couldn't have argued against a draw. But will take it all day long.
  • Not great, but a welcome 3 points. 
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    On the way up but being nestled between Fleetwood and Shrewsbury puts it in perspective. Still 41 more 1-0 wins will do fine.
  • It begins...

  • Happy with the win. Don't think both Pratley and Watson need to be in midfield together. Rode our luck in a couple of moments, plenty to improve on. 
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  • Agree with you about Bows. His approach was refreshing and not having the attacking players at his disposal cannot be an excuse for me.
  • Proper victory. Predicted a scrappy 1-0 win and it delivered. 

    Cannot fault anyone with that performance. We got lucky at times but I thought we deserve the win. 

    We will need to improve in the future, but still got plenty of time in the season left to do that.

    MOTM was probably Gunter for me.

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    Happy with the result. 
    A bit disjointed at times. Watson is a little off the pace and looks like a sending off waiting to happen.

    I was impressed with the new guys Smyth , Shinnie and especially Inniss. 

    It will take time to gel . 

    Well done lads
  • Watson playing poorly was bad enough but having Pratley linking midfield to attack? Ugh. Williams and Levitt should be scratching their heads how neither of them got on at any point.

    Our tendency to run and hide when leading late on was on glorious display. I absolutely hate it. The Purrington for Shinnie substitution wasn't the worst idea, except Doughty kept playing as a second left-back rather than an attacking midfielder. 
  • Three points and a clean sheet. That was a good performance and there's room for improvement once the new lads gel.
    Four points from a playoff spot with a game in hand over most of the division, onward and upward.
  • Very scrappy.  Chuks did well, and we lost a lot when he went off.  If only we could get 90 minutes from him. Very mixed bag of performances.  Liked the strength and ambition of Bogle when he came on, and F-Caskey picked up after his goal as he was poor before that.  Gunter did well and Iniss battled hard but his distribution was a bit poor.  I thought Watson had a poor game and I think we lack a bit of mobility when he is in midfield with Pratley.  Nevertheless that 1-0 has turned the corner and the new boys can start bedding in.  Upwards and onwards.
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  • Great start, three juicy points.
    Chucks just immense. Inniss impressive debut for us.
  • Laddick01 said:
    Need to rework that midfield.

    Pratley and Watson feels too ‘Southgatey’ for my liking
    Gilbey will be in the team when he's back. I agree though that they don't work together. I'm expecting a 433 soon with Watson, Shinnie and Levitt/JFC maybe. 
  • Good to see a solid / balanced defence, wasnt overly impressed with Gunter for most of the game but showed his experience as the game went on

    Thought overall he was a bit of a 7/10 like we see from Purrington a lot of the time

    Midfield certainly could have had some excitement and reckon we'll see a lot more adventure from Bowyer ahead of Blackpool on Tuesday night, especially as he'll have had his International players back and rested now, so as a result would be disappointed if we dont see at least one of Williams or Levitt ahead of either Watson / Pratley

    Forster-Caskey certainly grew into the game and has become a solid League One player

    Reckon the more game time he gets the more we'll see him turn into the original player we signed

    Smyth was the standout new signing for me though, really hope that Aneke can stay fit as could see a great partnership there, Bogle hasnt convinced me yet
  • Just happy with the 3 points. 

    We do not need to rest players after International duty to then injure them in training. 

    We missed a trick not letting JW continue on his high. 
  • Scrappy, disjointed, grinding win. All we needed today was 3 points, no matter how it came about. Job done, we will get better. I liked the Luton loanee first half, he looks to play it forward every time. 
  • I agree with all the comments about a lack of creativity and I think most of us would choose Morgan over having Watson/Pratley together. But we had Gilbey and Maddison out injured and Shinnie signed yesterday, it will come. 
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