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Hull v Charlton | Saturday 20th June |Post-match Thread

Not a dominating performance, but I thought we played very well in the circumstances. Shows the character of this squad. We definitely had the better play going forward and we limited Hull's chances to very little. 

All in all, I thought we made Hull look very pedestrian. If we had taken all our chances, we'd have dominated.

More important than everything, that's three more points in bag. 

Up the Addicks!


  • Brilliant performance, could have won by more. Lyle who???
  • It was nervy at the end but nowhere near as nervy as when fans are in the ground. Can see a lot more away wins now. 
  • Brilliant - no complaints here
  • Agreed, we were better going forward but also couldn't hold on to the ball.
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  • Hull should be bloody worried!!

    They were more ordinary than I've ever seen us this season

    Phillips had the afternoon off, every ball into the box was overhit, they could barely get past our full backs

    As I said before the game, a glorified mid-table League One team now they dont have Bowen etc.

    In terms of Charlton that was an excellent performance in a way - People moaned about the selection before the game yet have to remember that Bowyer had absolutely no way of knowing how Hull would line up, it is virtually a mini season, and with no pre-season friendlies there was no way of knowing how Hull would setup so this was perhaps one of the harder games we've actually got left in that regard!! 
  • Huge huge huge!! Should have been by more than 1 goal but that was the 1st cup final done with! Well done boys.
  • Crucial result. Very happy. :)
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  • A brilliant result. So important. I'm not sure if we were good or if Hull were bad. But, a vital 3 points. So happy today.

    And, it's made me realise how much I've missed this. It's so good to be back. :smile:
  • Get the absolute f*ck in!
    Workmanlike performance but deserved 3 points. I cannot see Hull surviving - very, very poor.
    Albie brilliant, Doughty scary with his pace, Pearce and Lockyer rocks, Deji did well at full-back, Cullen the class act, and Pratley is a total monster.
    One step nearer to safety - end the season now!
  • Shame Luton and Barnsley picked up points.. hopefully Huddersfield, Hull and Middlesbrough won't pick up any more!
  • Looked like a great match from the USA in my imagination.
  • Oh and probably McGeady's best game for us but to be honest that wasn't hard. 
  • Another game in which we give the opponents 65+% possession and have terrible passing stats as well. We cannot keep playing games like that if we want to stay up. But it is bloody 3 points even if lucky.
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