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Nottingham Forest v Charlton Athletic | Tuesday 11 Feb | Post-Match Thread

3 points away to Forest. Nuff said.


  • Ave that
  • Fantastic result!
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  • Oh that is beautiful!!
  • Played chaps!
  • All hail The Nabster!
  • Stunning stunning stunning ... told you we are staying up  :)
  • Get in!!!!!!!!! 
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  • Thank you one and all 
  • Out @the dam, totally forgot the game was on, very happy to have seen the result when I came on for a quick browse....
  • edited February 11
    Stoke was a blip. We will have blips like all teams.
    Let’s enjoy this response which is exactly what we asked for. Made a good team look average and other than Hemed, who was a real disappointment, all deserve praise for the way we played and the commitment showed.
    love it!
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Roland Out!