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ESI: Thoughts so far?

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Big shebang and fanfare at the start.
Said the right things. But as we all know talk is cheap.

I really don't hope they found thereselves a wounded animal and are playing on our emotions to piss us about.

Ill be honest. I think Southall knows very little about Nimer and vice versa.


  • All talk & no action.

    Talk is cheap.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  • No mans an Island
  • Concerned that they could well have put no money in whatsoever to date; our squad is weaker since they took over which I did not think was possible and that they have not even managed to tie up Bowyer.  Early days, so far it has just been talk, I hope they back that talk up and fast.
  • Whelmed is being generous.  Two weeks to turn into top bananas...
  • Underwhelmed if they've paid Roland circa £50m you'd expect a transfer or two by now considering our injury prone squad 
  • Definitely a case of ask again at the end of January, for now I have hope. If things remain the same then I guess we really are just cursed 
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    The Litmus test will be February 1st and which players have joined Cafc and who has departed.

    Thoughts after 18 days is Matt Southall speaks the right words and comes across well to the fans but as the conduit to the manager and coaches and to HE it doesn't appear to be smooth when it's taken Seven weeks and counting to attempt to tie up Lee Bowyer's contract from announcement that we had new owners pending the green light from EFL. The injury crises isn't ESI fault, but it needed addressing from day 1 if their tenure was going to be the polar opposite to Duchatelet. It's a tough gig taking on Cafc who have shown a terrible lack of ambition since 1921 other than Richard Murray part 1(Part 2, he imploded and Murray went from the Midas touch to the touch of Thurman)

    ESI have a fantastic chance to unite this football club. I hope they take that opportunity by being proactive but no signs yet on the pitch despite Matt Southall meeting various Cafc groups and coming across well off the pitch. 

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    Spot on Grapevine.

    Hard to know how close things really are regarding the suggested deals and contracts but it does feel like something meaningful has to get over the line this week to allay our anxieties. Bow was hoping to sign the new contract a week ago now. MS was publicly aware of that which makes the delay concerning.

    Also concerning is the ‘is he worth an extra £1000 per week’ case. Surely a top, marquee signing needed through the door to kickstart the new era must be? The squad/team needs strengthening with Championship quality players. We MUST reinforce the team NOW to avoid poor, panic buys on deadline day. 

    Grapevine is right; accept that our needs and the tight timescales to steady the ship will require temporarily stepping slightly outside the long term business plan. The risks to all stakeholders is too great if we get this wrong Matt.......and the clock is ticking very loudly. 10 ‘working’ days left until window closure.
  • I don’t have an issue with not paying over the odds for players - Maddison seems like a tosser who we don’t need, regarding some of the wild comments of putting williams on a 3 year contract  - he gets injured a lot.

    smallest squad value in the championship so we will struggle 

    let’s assess at end of window - bowyers contract can be sorted outside of this 
  • Maybe they get to pay Roland less for the Valley and training ground if we go down.
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    Everyone knows who are owners are and add that to the fact we are near the bottom of the table means we have to pay over the odds for a player, which at this moment in time ESI are not willing to do. 
  • Incomings: Green, looks okay.
    Outgoings: Gallagher, class act.

    So not good so far.
  • Incomings: Green, looks okay.
    Outgoings: Gallagher, class act.

    So not good so far.
    Leko, Kayal and Ledley gone as well.
  • Scoham said:
    Incomings: Green, looks okay.
    Outgoings: Gallagher, class act.

    So not good so far.
    Leko, Kayal and Ledley gone as well.
    You can hardly blame ESi for players getting season Ending injuries before they even bought the club.
    No, but they could have been replaced.
  • I'm not unimpressed, how can I not be I hated what the previous owner had done and now it has to be undone 

    The fact nothing has happened YET means we are in a position we usually are at this time of season

  • Get some very good players in ESI.
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