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Charlton v Preston | Sun 03 Nov | 12noon KO | Post-Match Thread

Shame we just couldn't get it together today. We were scrappy and out of sorts for most of the match. Preston weren't much better themselves, but were fortunate that we gifted them a penalty that they converted convincingly. Uncharacteristically, we couldn't muster much of a comeback from that point.

A chance to equalise from a Cullen corner at the end, but it went the wrong side of the netting. On a different day, and without all the injuries, we'd have had a field day.

Over to you.


  • Unspeakable umsca.
  • Preston deserved it. Not the best football but set up in a system that beat us convincingly.

    Looked better in the back 3, but can see why Bowyer changed.
  • You cannot perform to your best every game and today we were poor. 
    That said we are still in a better position than I thought would be before the season started..
    I'm going to millwall next week and hope Bowyer gets them up for it.

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  • Very poor today. Credit to Preston for getting it right and totally nullifying us and creating the better openings. That said we still had a couple of opportunities and on another day might have got something. 

    Thought Preston were well organised and disciplined but didn't have enough going forward to make me think they will be serious automatic promotion contenders. 

    Awful game for the neutral. 
  • Awful game.
  • Surely the world record for throw-ins in a game.
  • Preston very good. Think we're too defensive with Gallagher as the 10 puts a lot of pressure on Bonne. We always do best with one of Williams or Oztumer surprised he didnt play
  • Midfield didn’t show for the ball enough for me meaning defenders either had to turn back or go long. Throw ins also take an age with not enough movement. Preston always seemed first to the second ball. Kayal with a few good moments but had long spells of not being involved. Phillips and Pratley easily our best players, Gallagher worked hard but couldn’t influence the game as much as usual.
    Very disappointing though at least Lockyer, Gallagher and Pratley didn’t get booked.
  • I think I agree with everything written so far on this thread but will add that they liked to go down and played a weak ref well.

    Really frustrating.
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  • Well that was a bit shit wasn’t it?

    preston did their job and that’s why they are top.

    i really hope they all go for a pint together tonight and forget about today sharpish because we looked out of sorts as a team today.

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    Well we got what we deserved today. 

    Preston looked stronger than us, we didn't have the desire we have shown previously and they were dirty/professional enough to take us out to prevent break away goals.

    They did their homework on us and our heads dropped long before the end with body language telling us we were a beaten team.

    I thought the pen was a con but we got a soft one last time out, so not moaning about it.

    The injuries have had a huge impact on our results and hopefully,  we can get some back and start picking up points again. 

    Ed. Special mention for Connor, he was a class act, easily our MOM for me.
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    Looked like most of the team were out on the piss last night. 
    Preston weren’t very good they were a ugly northern side - who will not be going up despite sky thinking they are already up.

    shots on target 

    Charlton 1
    preston 5

    looks like we are starting to be found out 
    we can bitch and moan about the ref - but we were dog, created nothing and got nothing 1 point out of 3 games.

    as a side note Gallagher don’t start with the diving it makes you look like a dick 
  • Crap game. But we’re still doing well this season
    could do with Taylor back. Better movement up top. 
  • Going back to the days before we became Sky Sports favourite club to televise (following the play off semi-final / final) that is exactly the sort of dull, clueless performance we always used to put on when our games were moved for TV.
    As excellent as we were against Fulham, we were utterly dire today against a hardworking but ordinary Preston team.
    We had no clue how to change the pattern of the game and the last 20 minutes were a complete non event, apart from the shanked shot from our left back at the end.

  • For as bad as the ref was and how they played up to it, we deserved nothing. Worst home performance in 18 months. Terrible 
  • A lot of massive overreactions here... We weren't that bad. 

    They weren't that good. 0-0 or 0-1 is probably fair.
  • They stopped us playing but was hardly playing themselves- got the pen and shut the door. Dirty and effective but knew how to play.
    Most annoying thing was the ref refusing to send their players to the touchline for treatment but made our player to us.
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