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Karlan Grant moves to Huddersfield

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Done deal! Karlan Grant completes move from Charlton Athletic to Huddersfield Town
30th January 2019 Richard Cawley 0 Comments
BY RICHARD CAWLEY Karlan Grant has completed his move to Huddersfield Town – and immediately thanked Charlton Athletic for helping develop him. The Addicks frontman scored 14 goals in League


  • Best wishes to Karlan.
  • Good luck to him. Sucks for us. So our strikers consist of:

    Taylor - Out with a red for the next two games
    Clarke - Not fit, might be on his way out.
    Reeco - Young and inexperienced.
    Igor - Injury prone. Isn't at full fitness.

  • Good luck Karlan
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  • fair play to him reported 1.5m is a steal for us if reinvested but im sure it wont be, another loanee i would imagine
  • Good luck to him. Probably big step up in wages even though we hope we will be playing against him next year in the League. A year ago everyone was wondering whether he would be good enough but there has a been a massive transformation.
    We desperately need to sign a striker or two before the window shuts or we won't be playing him!
  • Don't blame him one bit. Good luck Karlan.
  • Didn't owe us anything after the way he was treated prior to this season. Hope he proves me wrong and does well.

    Edited for clarity: Treated by the regime and ex-managers. Not by the academy staff who Karlan does owe gratitude to.

    He wasn't treated badly by the club at all. We gave him his chance at a young age. The club have supported him throughout and given him his opportunity to make this move.
  • Surely even the shite we’ve had to put up with under Roland, we wouldn’t let him go without at least someone coming in being confirmed today?
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  • Mistake all round in my book. Should have had him on a proper contract once he became a first team regular. Wish him all the best but gutted really.

    Should have done a Chelsea and put him on a new Contract prior to loaning him out, even if it was just an option for the club to take up an Extension as they so wished once he came back

    Notice that Marco Silva said that Huddersfield created very little (just a free kick and header) last night which made it easier for Everton - That'll certainly need to change if they want Grant to start scoring straight away for them but there will be feck all he can do if they cant put him through on goal
  • cafc4life said:

    Surely even the shite we’ve had to put up with under Roland, we wouldn’t let him go without at least someone coming in being confirmed today?

    I reckon Bowyer was given the green light to sign a striker on loan if Clarke went. Now Grant has gone, we will sign that striker on loan and Clarke will stay.
  • Good luck to him - now put it back into the squad Roland.
  • so who plays up front now?
  • edited January 2019

    Oh well, it’s done. Let’s move on then. Next couple of days will be interesting a let down

  • Good luck to him. Fair play.
  • Croydon said:

    6 good months and he’s off at the first opportunity. I know that this is football and there’s no player loyalty, but if he doesn’t want to play in the shirt then fuck him.

    Or is he protecting himself and his future? (Note had he been under Contract beyond this season I'd agree with you)

    Out of Contract in the summer means he could easily have been one bad injury away from never being able to play again meaning that Charlton could effectively have released him in the summer leaving him properly fucked

    If anyone is to blame then its Roland for not offering him proper terms when he deserved it
  • Personally think he has gone too soon, had he waited til the end of the season and got 20-25 goals here I think a more stable lower half prem team would have gone in for him.

    Anyway good luck to him just hope we don't give him too hard a time when hudds come to the valley next season!
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