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  • Brilliant.
    Well done.
  • Superb. Would be lovely to get #PinocchioDay (one n, two c's) trending on Twitter if we can, might stir up a bit of media interest.
  • GREAT! A bit of fun added to the serious protest. Katrien out!
  • En route now, can't wait, should be fun
  • Oh this is brilliant. Well done.

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  • Good luck everyone lets hope you can win by a nose
  • Great effort, keep up these great ideas!
  • Is that true?
  • 'Sit down, if your nose has stretched...'
  • Katriens got nothing to worry about, only 2 per cent of her customers are dissatisfied.
  • I bet she is wishing upon a star that this'll all stop soon
  • Good idea. Out of the 2000 masks I hope the majority wear them to have an impact.
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  • Positives

    Well thought out idea that should get media attention
    If you can get a load of the 3000 free kids to wear them that will hurt Katrien


    Once again it's a distraction during the game and won't help the team

    I won't be there today but good luck with it especially the 5pm protest
  • edited February 2016
    Nobody likes being called a liar. Katrien is going to be livid!

    Love it!
  • Very clever idea. Should prove media popular and tees the club up to make another PR gaff. Will the stewards confiscate them I wonder. I trust they meet H&S regs!
  • Well done indeed.......class, I hope everyone has a 'HOOT'er!!!
  • If anyone who knows me can snaffle a couple of beer mats I will be very grateful
  • Now this is good.
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