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Federer or Murray?



  • Federer all the way
  • JTJT
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    Really not arsed either way
  • Federer.

    Love the way he plays.

    Don't like Murray, he's a miserable sod.
  • Federer
  • Murray will win 1 or 2 slams in his career but Roger is hungry and imperious on the Wimbledon lawns. Federer in 4.
  • Federer hopefully.
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    Federer. Wonderful tennis player.
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    I would love Murray to win.

    But Federer is class and Murray hasn't even won a set in a grand slam final yet so it has to be Federer.

    Still though, COME ON ANDY!!!!!!!!!
  • It really annoys me that people don't support Murray. Yes he is miserable, but he is the best hope of a brit winning a major competition and after all we are all British. Murray in 4!!
  • I'll be supporting the Scot but the shortest odds are Federer 3-0.
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  • ;Murray all the way.... I'm English through and through ... and proud, but would love to see Murray win it.
  • If Federer wins, then he will equal Pete Sampras' record of 7 Wimbledon titles. Due to being in one more final he will the best Wimbledon champion in history and cement his position as being the best player in the modern era.

    Pete Sampras was the most grumpy and miserable player on the court, I stopped watching tennis for the 6-7 years whilst he was no 1. Federer is a great player and shows that you don't have to tread over everybody to be a great champion and can play the game so its interesting to watch.

    This may be Federer's last chance to win a major. A great last shout for a great player.

    I am happy for a Federer win.

    Murray can put to bed the fact that no British player has won a title since 1936. It is historic and great pre Olympics / Diamond Jubilee year. He can still be difficult to watch with his Murry negative mind state he gets into (hopefully Lendl is sorting that out) and comes overs as being a miserable / graceless sod on the court and off the court in interviews.

    At least he has more gumption / fight than all the British tennis players put together over the last 70 years.

    I don't mind if Murray wins.

    It is win / win

    I hope for a great match and let the best player win.
  • Federer! Murray should never have said that he'd support any team that's playing England!!
  • Murray. If you think he's anti-English listen to this.

  • Come in Roger !!!
  • I'd like Murray to win tomorrow and then just as he is about to lift the trophy he rips off his tennis kit to reveal a "Anyone But England, Jocks on Tour" tshirt. Then during his post match interview on centre court he grabs the mic, breaks from his dour demeanour, and proceeds to hysterically laugh at the notion that England are the 4th best team in the world, leaving a gabble of middle aged upper middle class women on Henman Hill sobbing in despair into their strawberries, their tears further dampening the pages of their already sodden copies of 50 Shades of Grey they've been enjoying between sets.

    Unlikely this will happen so probably will go for the Swiss.
  • What a supportive lot you are, ok I am Scottish, but lived down here for 23+ years now, and was a season ticket holder at Charlton for a few years. Murray has finally got the Wimbledon monkey off his back to a certain point in reaching the final, I hope he can play well and get the first grand slam win and that similar to Djorkovic might be the start of winning a few. To me, Federer is one of the greats and having seem them both play it would be bearable if Roger won.

    Murray is generally British when he wins and Scottish when he loses, if anyone asks me what I am, I am Scottish are proud of it.

  • Would love it to be Murray
  • I really want Andy Murray to win. I really like the bloke.
  • I'm pretty much the same as @vff. Just want a good game really, no histrionics or tantrums.
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  • the Jocks aint had much to chear in the last few years (except the lorry loads of cash going up there from England)-----so for Cardinal Sin and the Tarten army i hope he does it.
  • Federer. A couple of Championship points then an epic choke from Murray would also be nice.
  • Murray in 4 sets. I find some of this anti Murray sentiment difficult to accept. Most of it is from the same people who have happily taken to all the South Africans and Irish playing rugby and cricket for England. When Clarke/McIlroy/McDowell won their majors no one said,"f**k them they're Northern Irish".
  • Before I opened this thread I thought it was a 'would ya' and then I read the first line 'COME ON ROGER'. So all in all I have images in my head that I really don't want to start the day with!

    Now every line I write is going to feel endowed with unintentional innuendo.

    My throbbing head says federer but I feel we should all get behind murray. If murray spanks his balls in an agressive manner then he has a chance. Federer though has been in this position many times and will probably give andy a battering.

  • Murray all day long
  • Want Murray to win , he will have to control his emotions and play at his absolute best to get anywhere near the Fed, can see Murray getting a tonking though in 3 straight sets Murray winning in a 5 sets , 5 hour cracker.
  • Joking aside i want murray to win and if he can beat Federer he more than deserves it.

    I would like (one day) Federer to equal Sampras's record as I think he has been at the top of his game in a much more competitive generation that Sampras. Would have been a great spectacle to see them compete at their primes.

    Ive never understood the "Murray is dull" argument. I want my sports stars to be focused and put all their energy into being driven for success not acting like they are on Britain's Got Talent.
  • Murray for me. For too long we've celebrated mediocracy and given vast rewards to chokers like Henman. At long last we have a player worthy of the rewards and our support and because he's a bit grumpy and once made a crack about our football team some posters would rather we continue producing losers. Wierd.
  • Richard Murray for me. At a push maybe Pete Murray or Ruby Murray.
  • Murray
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