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POST-MATCH THREAD: Charlton Athletic vs Northampton Town: Tuesday 23rd January 2024 | KO 19:45

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A tough fixture on a cold, wet night, combined with a terrible amount of pressure on Charlton’s beleagured manager (and the club as a whole), provided the backdrop for mid-table Northampton Town’s visit to the Valley. Michael Appleton looked to redeem himself with his new look squad after a long poor run of results in front of what looked to be a low crowd devoid of any hope in what was billed as a must-win game.

The first half went back and forth with both sides trading blows at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, within seven minutes Charlton gifted Northampton a goal when Lloyd Jones tried to play offside, leaving Northampton’s Simpson through on goal to put his side ahead. Heads dropped, but Charlton regrouped and found an equaliser some fifteen minutes later, even if it was an own goal. Northampton then pushed ahead when given too much space, Hoskins rifled one in from near the penalty spot, with Lloyd Jones a veritable spectator. Moments before half time, a combination down the right saw Tennai Watson blast on in at an acute angle to level things up. Charlton’s defending had let them down once again, but they battled back to keep themselves in it for the second half.

Changes were made, with Lloyd Jones being replaced by Terell Thomas. We looked more solid in the second half and worked Northampton around to fashion decent opportunities. Charlton were largely in the ascendancy when Edun found himself lunging into a challenge—a challenge in which he won the ball and was himself the recipient of a high and reckless tackle—the referee brandished a second yellow card that saw him off and Charlton down to ten men. 

Down to ten men, Charlton nevertheless pushed on. But controversy continued to follow the referee as the Northampton striker pushed into the box on the counter and was seemingly brought down by Ashley Maynard-Brewer. Curiously, the referee awarded a free kick and booked the player for diving. On replay, perhaps that was actually right, in the sense that the player left his feet to drag into Maynard-Brewer, but it did look a clear penalty and would probably have been given nine times out of ten. Maynard-Brewer made a couple of quality saves throughout the game, including after the near penalty to keep us in it. Having survived the late pressure and the potential penalty, don’t fear; true to form under Appleton, Charlton still found a way to concede in the final minutes of added time and throw away all the points. 

Charlton 2 Northampton 3

Boos rang out at the final whistle, with the defeat—and the manner of the defeat—piling pressure on the hands-in-pockets manager. A run of tough fixtures ahead as we teeter above the relegation zone only adds to the dire situation. Something has to give!

Over to you.

Stop the presses: Charlton TV reports Appleton has been relieved of his duties.


  • We are well and truly through the looking glass these days. 
  • New players are good
  • why is that fuckwit not sacked yet?
  • Feel a bit bad for Appleton as he should never have been given the job in the first place. It's clear that he has to go tonight before it's too late, we're in a relegation battle. Even the fans still backing him must see that it needs to end now.

    Andy Scott has a lot to answer for and I have no faith he'll be able to sort this out.
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  • Late goals. It happens every fucking week.

    I'd be shocked & disgusted in equal measure if he's still in charge at the weekend 
  • I bet that other nobends pink trousers don’t look so flash now
  • Bye bye you useless prick of a manager. 

    Sorry I can't say that to your ugly fucking face but trust me given the chance I would. 

  • Readings points deduction keeping us from only being out the relegation zone on GD. Embarrassing 
  • Fans deserve better from owners, directors, management, and players. It is gutting how we struggle year on year these days and not get better. 
  • Addick_8 said:
    Incredible we sacked Jackson and replaced him with 
    What a waste. 

    Has to go tonight, you are probably all bored of me saying it but ring Bowyer and get him out of that fishing lake. This team would do well in a diamond and Barkinson is a proper Bowyer type player. 
    What's the incentive for Bowyer? It's a shit job
  • Words just fail me !!!
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  • Not actually sure what to say. No wins in 10 and things are looking very bleak. We aren’t going to get any points if we concede three goals every game. 

    Have to hope we will get enough points during that short period when Aneke is back on the pitch.
  • Gribbo said:
    Reckon that once he has been sacked, there needs to be a bit of an amnesty and clean sheet regarding the new manager (regardless of who it is), the owners, the SMT, and the players.

    Pretty sure the idea will get laughed at, but also think the constant vitriol ain't doing the club any good either
    Why should the SMT, who hired Appleton in the first place, get a clean sheet? 

    They're most of the reason we're in the mess that we're in. 
  •  Campbell is not a wingback. Wingers like him do not fit into a 352. 
  • Went to Burton but not tonight. I am actually numb in shock. League 2 is very real now. I just hope they give a caretaker role to Pearce and shore up the defence and pick up some points asap. Sooo fed up.
  • The defence is still not sorted out. It has been bloody months and we have tried different faces. Is it really that hard?
  • iamdan said:
    Thoroughly enjoyable evening 

    You was at Stamford Bridge wasn't ya 
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