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The first half was shite. I’m a more loathing, bitter, and angry, man for having watched it. 

Unfortunately, to everyone’s dismay, both sides returned unapologetic for the second half and the misery continued. 

There was nothing beautiful nor interesting—zilch, nada, nein—about this game that demands any detail in explanation beyond the fact that both sides are not very good and Ben Garner’s, in particular, are shockingly devoid of both ideas and skill. No urgency, no creativity, late substitutions; what is Garner doing and why is it going so wrong?

Perhaps this whole farce was, if anything, a fitting tribute on the eve of a winter World Cup hosted on the desert sands of Qatar. 

Oh… they scored on 57 minutes, from a counter attack that we defended very poorly. We had maybe two limp efforts on their goal and a lot of ponderous faffing about in the centre of the park. Port Vale were without their top scorer plus another key attacker and they lost 4-0 last week. But we turned up laboured and wholly ineffective. 

Port Vale 1 Charlton 0

Over to you.



  • This team and their horrible defensive possession is seriously testing my loyalty to CAFC.
  • Abysmal. Might be one of the all time low Charlton performances. Dobson was decent and Sessegnon was ok. The rest were terrible and Stockley continues to defy belief by finding new levels of shit. We haven’t got any top teams to play for a while so it’s going to be a long few weeks.
  • Jesus Christ 
  • Feel for those who travelled to watch that,sounded woeful. Saved myself £10 as forgot to get the stream,best result of the day!
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  • Jesus Christ 
    Aside from Sessegnon, we're so shit we couldn't win with Him up front
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    Hate league one

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  • Thought we looked all over the place, all this Garner ball is bollox can’t stand it. Looked better with subs on. Does Garner really know what he is doing!

    Stockley is the worst centre forward we have had for years, nowhere near any crosses just can’t see the point of playing him.

    One break and defence falls apart we are so poor at the back. 

    I could go on, 14th in the league and sliding back down. I know we have injury’s but Vale are a poor, poor team and we offered nothing until the 85th minute.
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  • First game I have bothered to watch for a while. Going backwards. Defensively we are a mess, midfield out numbered and no tactical reaction, the less said about Stockley the better - basically playing with 10 men. CBT gets a start and does fuck all. Sessengon the only one who gets any credit from me.

    Have zero affinity with this team and can honestly say I have no "favourites".

    We can't cope with a high press. We can't cope with a low block. So essentially unless someone turns up and matches us up we look crap.

    Questioning the manager again. Why does he take so long to make a tactical switch?
  • Can Garner blame tiredness when we made 512 passes (vrs Vales 280 odd) and had 64% possession?
  • Is this better than NA or JJ?

  • Garner has shown in performances this season with a full squad what he can be capable of with this team. 

    Problem is once we miss one or two players, we look crap because our depth is way way below what is required. 

    Sound like a broken record but first 60 minutes we have to play with ten men every single game because of our poor excuse for a striker up top. 

    Come January we need to spend. Will TS actually make an investment or wait to finish lower midtable again and blame the manager for it? 
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    Garners comments about the team running on fumes doesn't ring true if he is not willing to change it till so late in the game. From the midfield through to the forwards there were so many people off their game that it was obvious that we would bore everyone shitless or get done with a sucker punch of a goal, so it proved. How Stockley, Kirk, Fraser and CBT stayed on the pitch for so long is a mystery. 
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