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Sport in the aftermath - What should happen? (EFL fixtures resume Tues 13th Sept - p20)

Or you expect to happen?

Cancel everything in the period of mourning to post funeral?

Cancel this weekend but return to normal from Monday? 

Cancel next weekend (expected funeral impact) but play this weekend and midweek?

Don’t cancel anything at all but mark events with a silence / applause / anthem? 

What’s your thoughts?


  • 12 days on national mourning from a procedural perspective as I read this morning with specific acts and occasions to be fulfilled by Charles, but haven’t seen anything about other events like sport.

    Personally, I would like things to carry on alongside the 12 days and the day of the funeral will be a public holiday as I understand it.  I can understand this will hit some harder than others and they may want to grieve on a more deeper level, but I would prefer option 3.

  • Cancel next weekend
  • Going to be interesting if the Football calendar goes ahead tomorrow.

    Burnley vs Norwich | Tranmere vs Stockport have already been postponed as they were due to be played tonight - Don't see the point of cancelling just two games, whilst leaving the rest of the weekend fixtures alone.
  • On balance, I’m in the carry on but with an appropriate gesture of respect camp. We are all miserable enough without having to wallow in it. The Tour of Britain cycle race on the Island has just been cancelled at no notice after months of expensive preparation. Holding the event divided opinion in any case but whatever it’s merits it would have would have been a fantastic boost to the island’s economy at a difficult time. I fully understand the reasons for the cancellation. However, I can’t help but think that Her Majesty would have wanted life to carry on and would certainly have disapproved of the disbenefits of a period of mourning. Anytime I have suffered bereavements I have taken comfort in pressing on and keeping myself busy.   Just my tuppenceworth. It is a difficult one and I fully understand if things come to a halt for a while. 
  • Given the the EPL is now a global TV "experience" I suspect the Prem and Sky will fight to have the games played this weekend but with black arm bands, silences, etc.

  • I expect this weekends games to be cancelled only - following that, minutes silence etc

    personally I'd like to see them go ahead with minutes silence and national anthem played - but I suspect given that tonight's has already been cancelled the rest will follow this morning
  • I find it all rather strange.
    I always thought with the royals everything was done to the letter.
    Just looked at the efl statement and they will be looking at the guidelines this morning.
    In the event of the Queens passing, I'd of thought theyd of known straight away what to do.
    Horse racing cancelled meetings half way through.
    Mind you I read operation London Bridge and the state funeral is meant to be 10 days after her passing. 
    Now saying within 2 weeks
  • Cancelling this weekend's fixtures would have a heavy cost burden and waste for football clubs and supporters alike. Pre-bought train tickets, hospitality supplies, etc, etc. I am not sure the Queen would have wanted that.

    According to the leaked details on "Operation London Bridge", the funeral is scheduled for D-9, which I make to be the following weekend.  That w/end's fixtures would likely be cancelled which would make sense. Indeed police, etc will be needed for other duties, they would not have the capacity to oversee sporting fixtures as well.

    What do I expect to happen?  This w/end's fixtures will be called off too....
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  • if they cancel football this weekend, do we think all Sunday league and youth football will pause too? I would prefer it to go ahead and for there to be a mins silence or applause.. same with efl and prem. I think to cancel games when people have paid travel etc is wrong 
  • Unfortunately this weekend fixtures will be postponed. Personally impeccable minutes silences at all sporting events should be the order of the day.
  • Given the the EPL is now a global TV "experience" I suspect the Prem and Sky will fight to have the games played this weekend but with black arm bands, silences, etc.

    If they do, surely the EFL will have to follow suit, it really would prove that the Premier league and non Premier league football are two different sports.

    I thought the minutes silence at Old Trafford and the national anthem being sung at West ham were both very powerful and poignant and would be the most powerful Mark of respect if repeated up and down the country. When King George passed the fixtures continued. 

    But.... I think the fixtures will be called off. 
  • Cinemas etc remain open.

    The Cabinet Office guidance for the period of mourning for the Duke was as follows:

    The decision as to whether sporting fixtures continue to go ahead is at the discretion of
    organisers. Organisers may wish to consider using black armbands and observing a silence before matches are played.
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  • Read somewhere they didn't stop the Saturday games in 1936 or 1952.

    I think they should carry on (apart from tonight's games) and a minute's silence is appropriate.
  • I think there is an opportunity for a lot of people to come together and collectively show love for the Queen. I do understand both sides but I think the football should go ahead, but it won't. Probably because those who make the decisions would get more criticism if it does than if it doesn't. Again, I don't think it is disrespectful and has the potential to be quite the opposite with opposing fans coming together to sing the national anthem. The queen's vesrion. 
  • I don’t understand the need to cancel the sport personally.

    Would the queen want that because I suspect she wouldn’t?  Aren’t we the “keep calm and carry on” nation?  That’s what we do, we’re British.  

    As others have mentioned, each team can do it’s own tribute as it sees fit, minute silence and black arm bands the minimum you’d suspect.  
  • I think it'd be really silly to cancel sport this weekend, have the appropriate minutes silence and that's all that is really needed. The Queen was 96, it's not a tragedy like Diana, we can celebrate her life in the coming week without cancelling some of the few fun things going on in this relatively shit period we're living in. 
  • I agree. At 96 her life should be celebrated.
  • Crack on with the fixtures. No games on the day of funeral and coronation I understand, but no need to pause everything else in the mean time. 
  • Sounds like the PL get to make their own decision, should go ahead you’d think.

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