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POST-MATCH THREAD: Crewe Alexandra v Charlton Athletic | January 12, 2022

With out a doubt, the most frustrating two half’s of football I’ve endured in many a year! 

For the first thirty minutes we controlled the game, but found it difficult to make our dominance count. Unfortunately, it went down from there. Crewe scored against the run of play and then followed it up with an open header a few seconds before the break to take a 2-0 lead in to halftime. The incident that led to the corner could have been a penalty, but as it turns out, Crewe didn’t need it. I though Henderson should have done better for both goals, but he did pull off a save or two and, if anyone should bear the blame, it was our midfield and back line that continuously gifted Crewe possession in dangerous areas.

When we came back out for the second half, we found it tough to get going. Crewe did everything to frustrate us, including capitalising on a truly hapless referee. Substitutions were made, including CBT and Mason Burstow. The young striker made his mark by following up on a ball in the box and nodding it past the Crewe keeper to bring the Addicks back into it.

Unfortunately, an equaliser never came. 

Fuck’in ‘elL!!! An equaliser as I type from Elliot Lee with the last kick of the game.

Disallowed by the tubby 99 year old linesman for offside on Leko. FFS. Farcical. 

As I was saying, the equaliser never came… or it came, but it was erased from history. And with that, we leave Cheshire with nil points.

Thoroughly frustrating. Absolutely farcical.

Over to you.

Crewe 2 Charlton 1


  • Too little too late
  • Second half reminded me of Accrington at home, Adkins' last game. Chaos with absolutely no structure to the game. 

    Gutted to be robbed at the end but we lost it after their goals and didn't deserve anything from it overall.
  • Oh man, just seen the slow motion replay. He really isn't interfering. I know it's harder in real time, but that's so frustrating. 
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  • The ball went over the keeper, not where Leko was standing. Ref had best view of that and only gave offside because lino flagged.
  • We got what we deserved, can be no complaining about shit officiating and being unlucky, for the players to prove they can up the tempo and compete, to putting shit performances in as and when they choose is a disgrace. We couldn’t hit a barn door and shoot so we won’t win games.
  • Cannot be offside there... the deflection was what brought Leko even vaguely into play... cannot be offside from their touch. Shambles. That said, we were shite to a man. 
  • We've been served up some real dogshit performances this season and that was up there with the worst.
  • Charlton TV backing the lino on this one. Personslly, we was robbed, just as we were stealing a point.
  • We were terrible. Yes the ref was too but they had at least two good penalty shouts. He was rubbish all round.

    We have some awful players. I keep saying it but Elliot Lee does nothing. 
  • The controversial non-goal at the end shouldn't be the talking point but it will be, the fact is we were utter shite yet again in a league game since Jacko got the job permanently
  • Off side is the right call, but he wouldn't have got there any way.  Not the biggest issue of the night by a long way.  Crewe are awful. 
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  • Jonniesta said:
    Cannot be offside there... the deflection was what brought Leko even vaguely into play... cannot be offside from their touch. Shambles. That said, we were shite to a man. 
    Exactly what I thought basic referring really , just compounded what was one teh worse displays of officiating I’ve ever seen 
  • We can bemoan poor refs and bad luck all we like.
    But any league one football team with aspirations of premier League/European football in 5-10 years should be smashing teams like Crewe out of the park!
  • Crap performance, crap refereeing, crap league. 
  • Tough one that at the end, if Leko doesn’t stand next to the keeper then he’s not interfering with play. At the same time he doesn’t touch it, I can see why the Lino didn’t give it 
  • RoanRedNY said:
    if u don’t concede, u can’t lose, if you can’t score, you can’t win.  No points for being the “better team”.
    And we weren’t even the better team!!!
  • Thought we were crap, but that disallowed goal at the end makes it feel even worse. What a joke. 

    Pleased for Burstow, Clare and Dobson were okay. The rest were dire. 

    Thought Albie was alright in the end.. For all his faults, he's got that killer ball in him. 

    But crap from everyone else, poor all round. I think promotion died a while ago but it feels pretty much confirmed to me.. 
    Hope we get some reinforcements in, steady the ship and get ready for next year. 

    What a crap season. 

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