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Post-match Thread: Doncaster v Charlton | Good Friday | April 2nd, 2021

Three points and a clean sheet is how our visit to Doncaster will go in the record books. 

After going ahead on 11 mins, the rest of the entire match was end to end and, at times, frantic.

My MOM was Ryan Inniss, who anchored the defense in his first return since a long injury layoff. But also right up there challenging for the honours were Maarten and JFC among others.

Looks like we’re back in the playoff places too. 

Over to you.



  • Excellent result, ok performance, terrible opposition.
  • Wemberlee, Wemberlee....
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  • It feels like things are coming together, possibly a bit late but nonetheless.  That team looked as though they actually gave a damn.
  • Big win that. Especially with Sunderland up next and not playing Monday 
  • Defensive solidity reminded me of the 2-0 win over Pompey earlier in the season - just kept them at arms length the whole game. Very good result
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    We looked comfortable.

    Thought some of the forward passing was still a little lazy but the way we’re playing looked very different to what I’ve been used to this season. 

    Inniss is a fantastic centre back and will be massive if he stays fit for this last set of games. 
  • Good win. Innis is a monster.
  • Clean sheet.
    Three points 
    Lots of effort. 
    Utter rubbish in terms of quality of football. 
    Overall slightly worse than usual as we didn't even look dangerous up front. Very fortunate to score once.
    Innis looks assured 

    Bogle really is rubbish.  
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  • Reminded me a lot of the Semi-Final from two years ago up there

    Doncaster had a lot of the ball for the majority of the game yet didnt do enough with it, we were a constant threat on the break and got a deserved goal that was extremely well taken for someone who hasnt scored in their Senior career yet.

    Second Half was again like that sunny day in May where Doncaster dictated proceedings but like that Taylor miss (that would have made it 3-0), it was Stockley who was unfortunate not to see it made 2-0, although was the right call and like it was said on the Match Thread, was a carbon copy of our disallowed goal @ Blackpool

    Then it went into the last 10-15mins, things got nervy and thankfully on this occasion; Doncaster didnt grab a consolation.

    Would it have been deserved had they done, I honestly dont think so, think the back five (Amos included) did a good enough job, remained organised throughout and managed the game extremely well - Inniss bringing the ball out at times was so helpful.
  • Efficient enough, more solid, Innis the Beast he was before injured and a well ground out 3 points. Won’t be getting carried away until we have a run of wins under our belt. Delighted for us all, sun is shining, birds are singing, lovely to see us with a clean sheet and winning!
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    Huge win that’s going to make those around us in the table notice and worry about us again. 

    Clean sheet. A win on tv. First goal for Maatsen. And still 3.5 days until work again. 
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