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POST-MATCH THREAD: Charlton v Accrington | Fri 8 Jan 2021

Well, I thought we started well and then.... it just seemed to fall apart.

Not going to beleaguer the point.

Over to you.


  • Disappointed, but not surprised
  • We're not very good are we. 
  • The better team won, unfortunately!
  • Started with the wrong players

    Schwartz came on to late.

    Defence was tosh

    1 win in 6 is not good enough
    Bowyer you are skating on very very thin ice now, you need to sort it out and quickly
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  • Said it last week and I’ll say it again. Serious questions have to be asked. This isn’t a team. Some dreadfully poor performances . Lack of ability but effort too. They don’t gel, what do they actually do in training all week tactically? 

    Maatsen, Gilbey, Morgan, Deji, Smyth what do they offer? The weekly making four or five changes is really starting to grate. Fed up with it now. We have some good players but Bowyer seems to have lost the dressing room a bit. No chance we go up.
  • Bowyer has fallen into the trap of Gobbo Karl Robinson. Throw the team sheet at the wall and see what names appear on the end of it. 
  • Pure shit, again.

    Something needs to change.
  • Completely outplayed, we have major problems. Something is wrong either with the team spirit or tactics.
  • Fucking toilet. 
    Piss of Bowyer you ain't got a clue 
    I want Russell Slade back too
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  • Thought Stanley were very good full of energy & look a happy & tight team our lot shite defensively, toothless in midfield, Stanley seemed fitter as well. Pressure our defence and they just lump it. 
  • The second half display was utterly appalling. We don't look like a team and there was zero quality - presumably LB will make another random team selection for the next game.

    Garbage and depressing to watch.
  • Reminded me of the feeling I had after we lost away at Dagenham & Redbridge in 2011. Plenty of people wanted Powell sacked after that game.

    Wonder if it ten years time we'll look back at tonight's starting eleven and think of them in the same conversation as Llera, Fry, Semedo, McCormack, Parrett and Nouble...
  • What a crock of shit
  • First time this season I have watched a full live game, wish I hadn't bothered.

    We are shite.
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