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Leeds United v Charlton Athletic | Wed 22 July | Post-match Thread

That didn’t go well. 

Disastrous first half, as Leeds’ quality shone through. They relentlessly cut through Charlton’s ineffectual defenses. 

Second half was much better after a number of substitutions, but Leeds’ control was never in doubt. 

On top of that, every result has gone against us. 

Leeds 4 Charlton 0

Over to you.


  • All over. Relegated 
  • No words
  • That's it then.  We'll be very lucky to survive at all.
  • Status now relies on the EFL throwing the book at Sheffield Wednesday, not hopeful
  • Congratulations Luton and Barnsley

    We now have to wait for the EFL to decide on Sheff Wed, have no faith though
  • edited July 22
    Well that's it.

    Relegation with a proper tail between the legs whimper.

    Several players weren't at the races too many times this season.
  • Look how much of a fight the other relegation teams put up compared to us. Disgusting.
    It’s never been about fight. We have no goal threat and our defence is nowhere near good enough either.
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  • Relegated.

  • Got exactly what we deserved, simply not good enough.
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    Always said we should have voted to call the league off and had PPG. It would have saved a lot of heartache and we would have finished a place higher.
  • Absolutely gutted , I got nothing
  • seth plum said:

  • Barnsley! Who’d a thought it! 
  • What was the bloody point of playing this match. Sums up this season, we've fittingly been relegated by a last minute goal (all be it somewhere else, but that's what a bit of effort and fight can get you). 

    Is it fair enough to blame Patrick Bauer for undoing his Wembley magic which that free header at Deepdale? I'm going to, because I might sleep better tonight.

    Just like to say, a huge fuck yout to Nottingham Forest because you got what you fucking deserved.
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  • Look how much of a fight the other relegation teams put up compared to us. Disgusting.
    Nothing to do with fight. Leeds are very very good, and we are very very very poor. Name a side we outplayed this season, barely one, we have got most of our results through fight and nothing else. 
    Not just tonight though is it. Easy to say we played against Leeds but there were 45 other games this season.
  • Are we going to be able to cope with this?
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