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Charlton v Gillingham- Post Match Views

Another three points, ticking over nicely.

And The Valley noticeably busier.

Over to you...


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    Tied for 3rd on points! 4th on GD.
  • Oxford scores 90+7 minutes
  • Well done lads
  • Get the fuck in. Bowyer and the lads on an absolute tear up at the moment.
  • Great result, 2 home games against struggling sides, 2 wins, 2 clean sheets. Couldn't ask for more.

    4 points behind automatic and now opened up a 4 point gap to 7th.

    Will Luton ever stop winning, seems like they've won every game for about 2 months.
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  • Luton last 10 league games

    Won 9 Drawn 1
  • Not the best game in the world but job done comfortably . Gillingham played well without being able to finish.
    Solly was immense. Steers distribution was awful . Great goal from Fosu .
    Surprised how big the crowd was .
    Bring on Coventry.

  • Will Luton ever stop winning, seems like they've won every game for about 2 months.

    9 in 10
  • A very boring game, was very casual second half and we were simply just on a different level to them. Coventry next and on paper it's another winnable game. They are on a dreadful run. In their last 6 they've lost 5 and drawn 1
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  • What was the announced attendance?
  • I was certainly surprised by how busy it was and by the noise. Best atmosphere in a while!
  • If Eaves had played that might have been different.
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    We needed to pace ourselves.
    Great professional performance against a decent side who missed Tom Eaves.
    Shows you how far we have come when Steer had a bad kicking day and yet we kept another clean sheet.
    Said before last week that we needed Fosu to find his form for Cafc to have the X factor.
    Superb from TFH today, for 80 minutes, Welcome back.
  • Is bowyer the new Lennie Lawrence? Assembling a committed and talented team on a shoe string, with massive turmoil behind the scenes?

    If Lord Bowyer achieves half of what Archbishop Lawrence of Croydon (our very own miracle worker), did for us, then both he and us will be very happy and successful.
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    Second half (except the last 10 mins when the game broke down a bit) was an incredibly dominant display. All over them and didn't give them a sniff. Enjoyed that a lot.

    First half was much more open but we dealt with everything they had.

    Just don't think Gills believed they could win without Eaves.
  • Was good to see, onwards and upwards
  • What was the announced attendance?

    Attendance:12,836 according to the BBC
  • 12,836 of which 1401 were Gills supporters.
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