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Scunthorpe v Charlton - Post Match Views

Disappointing outcome to what proved a bit of a ding dong do.

Thoughts of those there or watching on iFollow?


  • Just the way the game goes sometimes but that doesn’t stop me feeling annoyed. You play that game 100 times and we win it 75 out of 100.
  • An embarrassment.
  • Going forward we were great. At the back we were a total disgrace. Diamond leaves our full backs so exposed.
  • Hope Bowyer have the ref some verbal after the game even worth a fine to tell him to get his Mind Pies checked.
  • The ref completely screwed us tbh

  • Worse performance of the season

    In no way whatsoever
  • Should have put the game out of sight in the first half. Grant had pretty much an open goal from a rebound, and then he should have squared it to Aribo in another chance but he went for the glory. Definitely wasn’t a pen but we can’t make excuses, we just weren’t good enough defensively today. On another day it could end 5-3 to us but we go again on Saturday
  • Playing a diamond with Solly wrong side and a rookie RB was always asking for trouble. Add no real tracking back history from midfielders. Certainly need Marshall to play that formation.
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  • They are one of our bogey teams. Even when I made the trip a few years back we lost 1-0. Not seen any of the goals yet but it’s a first loss in 6 so not too disheartened. Still sucks though to have your pants pulled down away from home.
  • Just back in hotel room.

    Worse performance of the season, defence and Pratley all over the place with heavy touches and short passes putting us under unnecessary pressure.

    To much of a gap between defence and midfield and lost the midfield battle and was bullied.

    Positive going forward looked like we would score every time.

    Summary poor mistakes and errors cost us

    Why are we playing it out from the back all the time
    Half the time we put ourselves under pressure
  • Leuth said:

    The ref completely screwed us tbh

    Your having a laugh
  • This has been a really weird day.
  • Was Fosu injured as it felt like Bowyer accepted defeat by taking him off. Grant was shocking and played the whole game. Missed an open goal and should have squared it to Fosu to go 3-2 up instead we found ourselves 3-2 a few mins later.

    Didn't help with the defence was changed about but trying to play out from the keeper was just suicidal at times. Very poor in spells today.
  • You win some, you lose some, and you get fucked by a biased home ref in some.

    In all seriousness though we are a proper CDM and an actual GK away from being a top 2 side. Steer is no way an improvement on Phillips.
    Have to beat Coventry.
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    Leaking goals atm 8 in 3 games is a tad worrying.
    Ref sounds like a bit of a shit - nothing new there.
    3 home games on the spin up next bar the silly trophy, this is where we can really pick up the dropped points crowd behind players etc.
  • Five wins required from the next seven to keep pace with LB’s plan.
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  • As soon as I seen the ref was from the same County as the team it was bend down and back up slow time for us.
  • Have to question Page being injured and whether that messed up our entire game plan - Grant's misses could have put the game to bed but they're not what cost us the game.

    It was like a game under Luzon where we didnt know how to defend and only knew how to go forwards - the way the match started Pearce / Steer / Someone should have slowed the tempo right down to disrupt any rhythm from Scunthorpe, instead they went 3-2 up and did exactly that themselves

    Ultimately we got a deserved equaliser and may have gotten a winner ourselves but for an awful handball decision (It has to be a deliberate attempt referee!!).

    Disappointment had to rest with Steer for me though, the first three goals should be routine saves for a Goalkeeper and the amount he's let in compared with Phillips isnt good enough, especially as he's had easier teams to face than what Dillon had to deal with.

    Just hope Jamie Ward is back in the side on Saturday - Fosu not quite there yet with his sharpness

    Special mention to Sarr / Solly / Aribo / Taylor... Scunthorpe couldnt deal with the latter two!!
  • Won’t Pratley be banned for next match after picking up 5th yellow tonight.
  • Leuth said:

    The ref completely screwed us tbh

    He screwed us over with the pen but otherwise dont think he put a foot wrong really
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    Were we playing tonight then?
  • Leuth said:

    Leuth said:

    The ref completely screwed us tbh

    He screwed us over with the pen but otherwise dont think he put a foot wrong really
    The pen came at SUCH a crucial time though
    I'm with you on this
  • We have no cover at left back and I think this cost us the game. The defence had three players out of position after Page went off and never looked settled. I think Steer has used up any goodwill we had for him. He looks lightweight and does not command the area. Several times tonight he nearly played himself into trouble and was lucky to get away with it. Time for Phillips I think.
    We looked brilliant going forward for the first hour, then ran out of steam-but this is the most exciting attack we have had for years. Whether it is good enough to make up for a shaky defence I doubt however.
  • Sounds like a dodgy pen killed us. But we need to stop conceding so many.

    Has Steer made a save of note so far for us?
  • Sounds like a dodgy pen killed us. But we need to stop conceding so many.

    Has Steer made a save of note so far for us?

    First minute of Bradford away tbf
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