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Roger Johnson Yelling At Fans

Roger Johnson went over to us at the end and said 'Don't Bother Coming Again'.


  • No way! That's shocking if true
  • Ah I understand @ricky_otto's comment on the Match Thread now!!

    Maybe if he'd turned up last season along with a few others we wouldnt have gone down!!
  • What is there to like about getting beat 2-0 by Bury!!!!!!!!
  • I don't understand what happened to him in his time in India....

    Then again the guy is an absolute nobody, so if you care about what he has to say then don't bother...
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  • C4FC4L1f3 said:

    "If you don't fucking like it, don't come!"

    Blokes an utter prick

    Any other club would sack him immediately
    Pinocchio will probably give him a n extension to his contyrtact
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    Man is a fucking prick, I hope next week the fans give him the abuse he deserves, not good for nothing.
  • Should be fined a week's wages at least.
  • that's what the prick wants, he has and always will be utter dross at any level.
  • The fact that someone like this plays for Charlton is the icing on the cake for me as to why I won't even go to an away match until these arseholes sell (if ever). A real shame as would love to do some different grounds.

    Like others have said - he's just like the bloke in your weekly five a side who constantly yells at everyone telling them what to do while playing shit/not concentrating on his own football.

    Nicking a living indeed. Scum.
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  • Also, why would the club want to stop a player that is distracting from the fact they are shit? I'd publically hang him out to dry and privately insist he is first on the team sheet every game.
  • Is that in Russell's little rule book - To slag the fans off after a match?

    Good luck at the next home game, Roger Johnson, utter tool.
  • Roger Johnson can fuck off. I expect him sacked by midnight! Cunt!
  • Agent Johnson has blown his cover.
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    Yep, he probably got away with that sort of stuff in the IPL.
    Actually, he can f€ck off back there.
    He's a total tosser and I hope this is dealt with by Slade.
  • He seemed to have had a good game according to Radio London.

    What brought this on? Was he being slagged off by our fans and finally had had enough?
  • I can't believe this is true, no decent pro worth his salt would say that to his own fans.
  • C4FC4L1f3 said:

    Any other club would sack him immediately

    Meire probably approves.
    She's his scriptwriter.
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