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Huddersfield v Charlton post match views 2015/16




  • Those fans need refunding. I'll happily chip in, if something could be arranged
  • The end
  • LoOkOuT said:



    No, it was five.
  • Are Hull selling buying tickets on the day ?

    Fixed it for you.
  • Beyond words.
  • A new low. Didn't think it would get this bad on the pitch. Representation now needed by the captain and other senior players to the board that the manager needs to go.

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  • The bookies rarely get it wrong.
  • Can't wait to hear the post match thoughts
  • I don't feel safe tonight with that black & white scarf in the room with me.

    I did remove any sharp objects though.
  • I can't wait for Karel's press interview. It is gonna be hilarious.
  • When will this Belgian nightmare end?
  • Imagine if Fraeye is still manager come Saturday, just imagine...... Oh wait, I don't think we will have to as it will most likely happen under this lot.
  • All of the people on here who are more interested in likes and lols need to put focus on getting this cancer out of CAFC.

    Disgraceful tonight :(
  • Bunch of pricks running the club

    Absolute fuckface managing the club

    Painful watching the club.

    Not going back to The Valley till they have gone.

    Seriously - if you are reading this Meire. Just shit off.
  • Taxi for Carol.
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  • If we were a school, David Cameron would embarrassingly be saying that a total change of regime was required.

    Unfortunately he would probably put in something worse although I cannot currently see how that is possible. David would find a way with Gideon though.
  • edited January 2016
    I gAve up listening at half time and only just back. 5 (FIVE) - 0. We sink to a new low. The cretins in our club need to go.
  • vffvff
    edited January 2016
    2-1 defeat at Colchester, 5-0 defeat at Huddersfield with likely sales of 2 of the better players in the club in Lookman and Watt followed by a likely thrashing at Hull City. Even for Charlton this is shaping up to be a memorably dismal Charlton week.

    Fraeye's position is untenable. As Tutt Tutt observed in the match thread, Fraeye has got his answer as to whether the players are 100% behind him

    Fraeye must resign / be fired. I don't see how he can survive this.
  • Target 2000 anybody?!
  • Bet the dressing room is buzzing right now.
  • That has to be the end of the Interim One.

    Nothing against him personally, but keeping him on will be taking stubbornness beyond any logical or defensible position.
  • meldrew66 said:

    Target 2000 anybody?!

    silly boy, you mean 200 shurely?
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