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I read today that 260,000 people have applied for tickets.

So thats about a 1 in 3 chance.

Anyone on here going to see The Twang tomorrow? If so, we need a pub near the ICA showing the Arsenal game. Ta.


  • Thought the capacity had been increased this year? Isn't it about 130,000?
  • I thought its gone from 80k to 100k?
  • oooooh that aint so good. i reckon people will have applied on the off chance they'll change their mind, i know a couple that have applied and have no intention of going.

    not going, havent heard their stuff, but isn't it reasonably near the sports cafe at haymarket?
  • [cite]Posted By: Southendaddick[/cite]I thought its gone from 80k to 100k?

    noooooo it was over 100k last time, defo gone up to 130ish, will check.
  • Glastonbury chiefs are planning to increase the capacity of this year’s festival to meet the anticipated enormous demand for tickets.

    Organisers hope to make 25,000 extra tickets available, upping the capacity of the site from 112,000 to 137,000. The extra tickets will be sold as part of coach travel packages to minimise disruption on the roads around the site. There are also plans to expand the site itself by 100 acres onto neighbouring land.

    “We’re expecting more people than ever to try to get tickets, and we want to expand the festival to match that,” says co-organiser Emily Eavis. “It’s all still subject to licence, but we’re hopeful.”

    A number of other changes are in the pipeline, licence approval permitting. The organisers are considering covering the Glade area with an Eden Project-style dome, while there are plans for an entirely new acoustic area, called Park Farm.

    “If you want to escape the noise and chaos of the festival, you can go and sit around the campfire there,” says Emily Eavis. “But there will be some surprises. It’ll be the place to see unannounced appearances from bigger bands.”

    The licensing hearing takes place on 20 February.
  • this number is rising quicker than the price of the olympics.
  • going to see the twang tomorrow but going to the harp just opposite charing cross station not sure if the game will be on in there its going to be a bit nervy trying for the glastonbury tickets but not sure if its more or less people who were tring to get them last time around
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    After years and years of rumours, The Stones are finally playing this year. Not too fussed. Love them, saw them 20 odd years ago. Had o2 tickets las tear but sold them. Saw the concert on Sky, not impressed.
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    Rolling Stones finally ...and my favourite; Arctic Monkeys playing the Friday night. Result.
  • Trying for tickets at the resale and also applied to paint in shangri la, fingers crossed at least one comes through
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  • Saw the Stones last at Twickenham. The gig was supposed to be at Wembley but the stadium wasn't ready.
    Jagger said they were determined to get back to play at the New Wembley but that might be after the Arctic Monkeys had retired! Suppose there's still a chance that might happen as strange as it seems.
  • Arctic monkeys will put on one eck of a show that night! Class band.
  • Outside of Arctic Monkeys and Stones not a big fan of the Pyramid stage, other stage looks quality though.
  • one of the 'headline' acts will be The Family Stone ... but no Sly !! .. that is like the Stones with no Jagger, Pearl Jam with no Ed Vedder
  • one of the 'headline' acts will be The Family Stone ... but no Sly !! .. that is like the Stones with no Jagger, Pearl Jam with no Ed Vedder

    ... PJ with no Duncan?
  • BJ and no bear
  • Ant without Dec.
  • The Windsors with no Liz
  • Anyone here going ? got me a gig doing decor :)
  • Failed to get tickets, was disappointed at the time but as it turns out the Mrs is going to be 38 and a half weeks pregnant - probably wouldn't have been the best time to swan off to a festival!
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  • Yep, I'll be there for some of it, Saturday and poss some of Sunday too. Am hoping the line up is bolstered a little still, as not as good a line up imho vs 2010. Hoping the sun shines, as I hate stinky mud!
  • Yes I'm going, got my ticket way back in October. Line-up could be better, but I still cannot wait to lose my Glastonbury virginity!
  • I'm going... if you see a guy in a Charlton shirt camping with people who sound moderately Scouse then that's me.
  • I'm going... if you see a guy in a Charlton shirt camping with people who sound moderately Scouse then that's me.

    Ten years ago that was us , even down to the fact we lived in Ladywell.

  • Im off in the morning, keep your eye out for some geometry at Shangri la... hope everyone has a gooden
  • My son on his way to Download. Hope he comes back in one piece, he is so high having finished his last A level exam this morning.
  • One of my mates's son's is playing there this year - must ask which band he's in.
  • Been there , done it . Can't be bothered with it any more , lost it's soul.

    Either that or since we had kids we can no longer afford the time or money to go , might have a little cry about it.
  • I could say the same about football Buckshee - shame.
  • Sitting at work on my lunch break wishing i was at Glasto.
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