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BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Bookies who have already paid out on Wiggins could be in trouble - I give you Mo Farah. What a star !!


  • Farah - amazing! Wiggins for me though - Tour De France winner - first Brit in 100 years and then come back to the home Olympics try your best for a team mate to win his event and then win your own event just a few days later.
  • Some have already paid out?!
  • Wiggins
  • I wonder who will get the team trophy ?
  • I wonder who will get the team trophy ?

    Team GB?? Or is that cheating

  • Mo for me
  • Mo. Just amazing.
  • Wiggins by some way
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  • Mo Farah all day long
  • Wiggins, winning tour de France gives him the edge
  • Mo was absolutely brilliant. Wiggin's achievement is still the greater though.
  • Neither had ever been achieved by British athletes

    Mo done it on a bigger stage to a wider audience and on the channel that does the award with more people who vote for the sports personality watching

    No way a cert
  • Bradley. In any other year, Pendleton and Trott would have a shout too, amazing!
  • Sounds like a daft suggestion but I personaly would like not to have one this year because there are just too many worthy candidates.
  • Wiggins

  • Meant Mo!

    Bloody blackberry predictive text!
  • Tom Daly might just get Young Personality
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  • Farah was amazing but Wiggins achievements still edge it for me. His Olympic gold just upped his amazing year even more.
  • I would have said Wiggo easily, after tonight I'm not so sure. Either way I think it would be deserved.

    Also, if either Wiggo or Mo win, how refreshing that someone with a personality would win it.
  • Joint award would prove popular - unprecedented but surely justified?
  • I can't decide between them. And then there's Jess as well
  • edited August 2012
    Wiggo all the way. Probably just edges Mo on his personality and he's dominated cycling this year. However as its down to votes I expect more people would have seen Mo after tonight's brilliant win so he could get more votes just as a result of that.

    At the end of the day I think the top 3 will be between Wiggo, Mo and Jess. Also lets not forget Hoy and Ainslie who both set great records in terms of medals this year.
  • It's about personality though rather than sporting achievement

    Kevin pieterson
  • I think it should be Wiggo just but I think that Mo will win it.

    These two Saturdays have just been magical and that emotion, I am sure, will stick with people.
  • Wiggins
  • McBobbin said:

    It's about personality though rather than sporting achievement

    Kevin pieterson

    haha, I do think Jess was unbelievable but for me Hoy deserves third over Ennis because he was 36 and still won 2 golds, whilst becoming the most decorating British olympian of all time. Farah's two golds were unbelievable, amazing guy deserves it, but Wiggins deserved to edge it 100%
  • Going to be much closer now than a week ago. Safe to say it won't be footballer though.
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