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It dont seem right to do it but cant help laughing. Keegan---head lights-----rabbit.


  • looked a worried midget saturday any club that has wise as a director of football is bound to be doomed
  • if they go down that would be one of the funniest things ive ever seen. but they are a big club...................................not
  • Massive, massive club.


    I would only laugh louder if twattenham wound up in the bottom three come end of the season
  • [cite]Posted By: Carter[/cite] I would only laugh louder if twattenham wound up in the bottom three come end of the season

    Oh Perleeeeeeeeeese!
  • hahahahaha - it's certainly not the entertainment that they all envisaged... but it's doing wonders for me!
  • I don't know, I'm finding the Newcastle situation throughly entertaining.
  • Looking at their remianing games they are going to have to beat Fulham, Reading and Sunderland at home cos i can't see them picking up many more points.

    Sat 8 15:00 A Liverpool
    Mon 17 20:00 A Birmingham
    Sat 22 15:00 H Fulham
    Sun 30 15:00 A Tottenham
    Sat 5 15:00 H Reading
    Sat 12 15:00 A Portsmouth
    Sat 19 15:00 H Sunderland
    Sat 26 15:00 A West Ham Utd
    Sat 3 15:00 H Chelsea
    Sun 11 15:00 A Everton
  • [cite]Posted By: Valley_floyd_red[/cite]I don't know, I'm finding the Newcastle situation throughly entertaining.

    me too, i hate them, mugs the lot of em, i laughed nearly as much as i cheered the sodgers goal on sat!!! lol

    i love it too, the players they have aswell they should be top 6 no question! ha ha ha
  • Dont be horrible remember King Kev bought/stole Rob Lee (sic) from us when we was going great guns.
  • If Newcastle got relegated then i really wouldn't want to go up.

    Blackpool and Newcastle away in the same season !
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  • Newcastle are a club founded for the amusement of the nation
  • Well they do have the most passionate fans in the country ......
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]If Newcastle got relegated then i really wouldn't want to go up.

    Blackpool and Newcastle away in the same season ![/quote]

    Cor dear, and they would probably be one weekend after the other

    Id still be there though!!!
  • Wonder what odds you can get on April 19th as King Kev's departure date - after they fail to beat the Mackems? That's where I'd put my money.
    edited March 2008
    Wonder what big Sam is making of the current events at Toon Central?

  • I really like Keegan and I said at the time he took on the Newcastle job that he might live to regret it. The Premier League is completely different to the days when he got the Geordies up to the top of the league and I just don't think that his motivational presence will be enough to cut it this time.
  • Why is it that we seem to revel in this sort of failure/decline.

    We as a club dont have any particular antipathy for Newcastle or Keegan.

    Do we just like being plain nasty.
  • Don't think anything is based on nastiness peanut man, think its more a good indication on how fans of smaller clubs feel the money etc has drove such a wedge between the bigger clubs and smaller clubs. We on the face of it, have little chance of competing, so to see one of the so called big clubs go off course, there is some satisfaction to be found.

    Have nothing against Newcastle personally.
  • In addition to what AFKA says, it's gotta have something to do with the media generated frenzy over "King Kev's heralded return" going tits up. It's the 24hr news syndrome. They drum these things up and beat the death out of em, until the next big thing comes along. It's a sham and when it comes crumbling down, it's strangely satisfying for us "unfashinonables." Of course, when it does come tumbling down it's more fodder for their sensationalist wares. And round and round we go.
  • I don't particularly bear Newcastle any more ill will than I do the next premiershit side that goes nipples north as I don't remember much favour or sympathy coming our way EVER, let alone when we were in the brown smelly stuff. However I do find it funny when a club whose fans so maligned a bloke like Shepherd running the club got what they wanted in a man with pound notes only to find things aint always as good as they seem. Anyway, they nabbed Rob Lee off us. And Ginola was a cheating, diving shit. As was Albert, and Solano, and Milner, and Batty was plain pelt, and they sold both Parker and Bowyer without getting the best out of either. And the most entertaining player I've seen for ages in Asprilla was criminally underused, and John Beresford strangled Newton at the Valley in 1997 and we didn't get a pen so ner. Sod Newcastle.
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  • all I have against them is this myth that they are the best fans in the land when we all know what crap crouds they were getting before Keegan took over the first time.

    They also believe that somehow they have a right to win something every year when they haven't done for so long.

    What made me laugh on saturday is that they were moaning before Keegan took over saying it wasn't the results but the style of football big sam had them playing but Keegan said post match that it was time to forget about how they were playing and think about results. You reckon they'll hound him out like they did big Sam? don't think so .
  • agreed buckshee i was up there that game when they had 16K,best fans in the land my boll**ks.
  • marning steve i went up there then also the dirty nthn lying bstds

    "where were you when you were shit"

    wont be long until we find out maybe
  • Remember one year I went up there the first game of the season after we had been promoted via the play offs got into Neecastle about 11 first pub asked to leave after drinking the first pint as we were not locals the next pub opened us with welcomed arms asked us to come back after for a booze fair enough we are up for that nice bit of local hospitality Rufus was sent off after twenty minutes Hunt played a blinder as the loan striker the copper in the away end was a Sunderland fan and was willing us to score all in all a good day ok lads back to the boozer then that welcomed us so well before the game and asked to come back after for a god drink then , as we walked into the pub we given a load of verbal n which we laughed off first of all thinking it was just banter then it turnt into u better leave or u going to get done was this really the same set of fellas we were boozing with a few hours ago the next thing we know as we left the pub 50 geordiges chase u the road, no wonder all there women like a Londoner true gentelmen
  • Clusterfuck of media personalities supporting Ashley, despite damning evidence that he is rinsing the club. Seems legit.
  • Incredible comments from Ferdinand yesterday. So ill-informed and clueless.
  • What.the.actual.FUCK???

    Rafa isnt the owner though; its not the Managers job to put his hand in his own pocket to fund the squad!!
  • Scoham said:
    Unbelievable comments from the hairy handed twat

  • Rio F in talking bollox shock
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