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Billy Clarke signs (ed. P6 - released, signs for Bradford)



  • We wouldn't have paid his contract up, Bradford would have taken it on.
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    Sounds like he is struggling to find a club, really hope he finds one soon, really surprised Bolton didnt take him with their issues
  • Such a shame. He deserves better.
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    With Bolton not signing him, someone like Rochdale could do with a player like Clarke. Only around 40 miles from where he lives, not too far to travel. A club that is often fighting at the wrong end of the table, having an influential player like Clarke (if fit) could be the difference between a usual season and one where they could push for top half. 
  • Saw Billy play for Bradford quite a few times, always liked him. Good luck sir
  • Let's be honest.  After injury his career in the league is over.
  • Remember this next time Golfie or someone else slags off players for taking a better paying job when they can.
  • Remember this next time Golfie or someone else slags off players for taking a better paying job when they can.
    Unfortunately yes, very true. Football player’s career could be over at any point. One bad injury in training or in a match and that could be it.

    Clarke however does still have something to offer and I think if he gets a club, gets looked after, he could still have a couple of years left in the game. That could be the difference between struggling a bit after football or being a bit more comfortable.

    Wish him all the luck in the world though, Billy is a great lad who deserves far better.
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  • Short term deal with Plymouth, came on for ten minutes.

    This has probably been posted on this thread but makes you feel for him...

    After doing all that hard work not being able to get near the decent level he was playing at.
  • Cracking player at fourth tier level. Should do very well at Plymouth if he can get anywhere near the level he was at before injury.
  • Delighted he got a deal.

    After that interview saying he was struggling to find a club I feared for him.

    Was really looking forward to him playing for us until he got the injury.

    Hope he gets back to his best
  • Just a shame its a club down South again as I guess he wont have his family with him
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