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Chem Campbell on season loan from Wolves (p8 - no he’s not, sent back)



  • Quite pleased with this, versatile player with some good pace 
  • 3 goals and no assists in 12 for Wycombe last season.
  • Welcome Chem. 
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  • pronounced Kem??
  • clive said:
    some interesting stuff in there actually, particularly about why he’s come to us 
  • fenaddick said:
    clive said:
    some interesting stuff in there actually, particularly about why he’s come to us 

    “When we’re looking to place our players, we want them to go somewhere they can challenge for a place. Chem can play across the front, both wide positions and as a ten, so his versatility will help them. He likes to come off the left, but he’s done well on the right and made his debut there, and he’s a good ten, picking up good positions.

    “We had a bit of interest, some clubs who have had better starts than Charlton, but we know it’s a big club, and we want Chem to be a big part of the challenge we’re expecting them to mount.”

  • Some positive comments from Wycombe fans here at the end of his loan spell last season
    Definitely positive.

    Fingers crossed we're saying similar come next May!
  • welcome Chem and all the very best during your Valley stay, and remember the old song .. 'all we are saying .. is give us a goal'
  • Valley11 said:
    If he’s to back up Tyreece and CBT, fair enough
    if he’s instead of Nombe, not so good 
    Bold claim but he has the potential to be better than all three of them.
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  • We’re gonna win the league 
  • edited August 2023
    How many times have fielded players with same name in a game?
  • Can’t believe we’ve signed Glen Campbell!
    All I have to do is dream
  • Hopefully this is more of a JRS signing rather than another Nile John/Matt Smith
  • Can’t believe we’ve signed Glen Campbell!
    It's only make believe ! 
  • Sounds promising and can cover a few positions so a good addition on paper.

    Will wait to see how he does on the pitch but welcome and good luck.

    His flexibility means there is still space for others to come in as well as those coming back from injury.
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    Gandhi, really, who’d have thought it!
  • Well - let’s wait and see - not (in my view) the ‘brave new world’ as yet ……

    Anyway - welcome - show us what you can do 
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