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Academy keeper James Beadle leaves Charlton?

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  • What's going on here, wasn't he highly rated or has he been poached ?
  • Guessing this is what @DOUCHER was alluding to on another thread. Assume he has been poached/sold rather than released 
  • Fallen down the pecking order I bit I guess with Maynard-Brewer, and Harness ahead of him?
  • Question mark added to the end of the thread title. The Instagram post has since been deleted.
  • Although unlikely, 9 year anniversary of when he joined?
  • Hope he hasnt left given he's a supporter of the club
  • Chelsea were sniffing around    
  • Loads out there about him being wanted by Chelsea and Brighton

    Really hope we’ve held onto him. I know we’ve kept Elerewe but we need to get out of this division and get that CAT 1 status sorted. 
  • Lots of young players were commenting on the post wishing him good luck, so I assume he has definitely gone. Gutted, seems a real prospect 
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    My post from two months ago, on Youth team Keepers:

    "Beadle is odds on to leave without playing a 1st team game as he just won't get a chance to play early like Deji, Gomez, Shelvey,or Bowyer going back even further.
    Henry and Grant only played because of senior player shortage when they were 17.

    I think its a given at Charlton he will leave.
    He will get decent wages at a premier club to play for their U18 or U23 or most probably go out on loan with the other 100 or so players that Chelsea *are the parent club too."
    *I said Chelsea,  because historically they are the pied Piper who entice talent away before discarding them.
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  • Would hope it's not Brighton, they've got quite a few young keepers on their books already
  • Are we ever going to get to a point where we can hang on to our best youngsters.
    Certainly not in League One I guess.
  • Ah that’s sad. Charlton fan from a proper Charlton family. Was really hoping to sing his name one day
    4th generation addick I believe
  • Confirmed?  If not let's wait before casting judgement. 

    If its true can I be the first to say that he is only leaving because Jackson picked his mate in front of him in the FA Cup :wink:

    Of course I jest but it won't be the worst hot take on this thread either way. 
  • So who has played a hand in this then
  • Was/is he under contract?I can’t find anything to say he was. 
  • Brighton 
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  • When young players represent England at a young age it nearly impossible to hold on to them when in the 3rd tier.

    Brighton had been monitoring James Beadle for quite a while. When chatting to scout's and coaches of young players, Including a Cafc coach, Beadle was the one that was always going to leave early as it's a specialist position and unlike other 17 or 18 year olds he was never going to be fast tracked to 1st team duties. 

    Could be a number of teams that JB goes to, but Brighton or Chelski may be favourites ?
  • It is a position we do ok luckily.
  • An unprecedented deal rather than compensation has me confused and intrigued.

    Sad news though to seemingly lose another talented youngster, especially a fan.
  • Not great news.
    I was a bit surprised he didn't play at Northampton last Saturday, so this seems to indicate something or other.
    Great prospect, I can only send best wishes tinged with regret.

  • It is probably the most difficult position in which to progress, many who know better than me say we have a number of good young 'keepers so it is no surprise that one has gone elsewhere
  • Jac_52 said:
    An unprecedented deal rather than compensation has me confused and intrigued.

    He’s doing a part time degree in architecture with Greenwich college and is going to design the new training ground building in his spare time for free
    Will there be a vegan kitchen?
  • Goodbye James, maybe we’ll see you (back on loan) in a few years

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