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Cordoban Addick (Billy Hartstein) - was in hospital, now back home (p6)

Billy’s wife Helen contacted me this morning. Billy suffered a brain aneuryism last Sunday. He is in intensive care in Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. The first operation on Tuesday was not successful, but they tried again on Wednesday and this time the consultant was much more confident after an 8 hour op which he said was a personal record length. Yesterday he had a stable day which is good news as they told Helen that the first 24 hours after the op is critical. 
Helen is updating via a special webpage which she has sent me the link for. She’d rather I didnt share it publicly as it is mainly for friends and family, but for sure she’ll be happy to read out messages to him on here. Lets face it, he could only open one eye yesterday, the other is very bruised, but he’ll be aiming to use that eye fully come 3.00 Sat. But if anyone else knows him personally, DM me if you’d like the link.
I was pretty shocked to learn this as Billy is no age and in general good health as far as I knew. But there is one thing I take heart from. There is no stronger supporter of the NHS on this board than Billy. I’m so glad that when he needed it, and in this most difficult time, the NHS came through for him.


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