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Post Match Thread: Burton Albion v Charlton Athletic | Tuesday 24th November 2020

A match to forget really, apart from an excellent goal from Chuks. Lots of individual errors, and the defence as a unit having an absolute mare, so we end up losing 4-2.
Your thoughts?


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    Can’t bear this tonight. Off to forget about football.
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    £10 feels more expensive than it did 4 hours ago.

    To play like that for 50 mins, what on earth do we practice in training all week? That is my concern - the lack of drills, movement, pattern and desire. 
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    10 Different levels of shite. I know we dont have CB's fit, but we lost that game in the first 10minutes, and that because Bowyer got the shape and setup wrong.
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    Terrible defensive performance needs CB’s back ASAP. Don’t understand professional players not having the right boots on! 
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    Typical Charlton. I should know by now. What a let down!!  
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    Well not bothering playing Plymouth and Rochdale went well! All momentum lost. 
    Build again from here.
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    Hopefully just one of those games so i won't get too downbeat about it. We need Innis and Famewo back ASAP as we really miss their stability. Try and get this one out of our system and get the right reaction against Ipswich.
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    Really poor tactics. It was clear within 10 minutes playing from the back was not going to work (Burton did their homework). 

    We've got away with no centre backs playing until now, but today got found out and the rest of the team didn't pull their weight in the main.

    Morgan and Chucks must start at the weekend surely. How Williams gets in the wales team i'll never know!
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    We literally gave them all 4 goals,and somehow missed enough chances to win 3 matches,I am afraid if we dont get some centre backs fit soon,this will continue.
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    Half that team can’t tackle.

    It wasn’t that we lost it was the way we lost, no fight, no bottle no organisation.

    How the fuck are Maddison and Gilby starting over Morgan, Bowyers mates I guess.
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    edited November 2020
    Pratley needs to play in the midfield from now on. He's not a centre half and our other midfielders play worse without him. If that means there's no place for Watson so be it.
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    This sort of performance happens every season, not going to get too down about it

    A few moments during the match (Maatsen not realising he was kicking the ball off the pitch before Aneke came on; Aneke clearing Washington's effort at the death) made it clear that we were never getting a result tonight

    Burton did really well, they knew we didnt have two Centre-Backs so kept gambling that the makeshift duo would make a mistake IF they were put under pressure and we duly did - If anything its something they learnt from watching Gillingham who were too happy to stand off us rather than taking the potential risks

    We're certainly missing the balance of a settled Centre-Back pairing as showed against Doncaster in the opening salvoes of the season, am a bit disappointed that Bowyer didnt just throw the game and put Oshilaja and Pearce on to give them minutes ahead of Ipswich

    On to the next one, certainly not panicking in this part of Medway!!
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    To ship 4 goals against the bottom side is appalling - can't trot out injuries as the excuse.

    I thought defence was going to be our main strength this season. Shouldn't be this disorganised.

    I hope Ipswich play badly this Saturday.

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    shite performance 
    we had our best defence  missing but we were playing the bottom club.
    keep this up and we will not get top 10 let alone promotion.
    nip it in the Bud BOWS and get our injuries fit and back before we start slipping down the league 👎👎👎
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