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Liberal Club closing? Edit.......confirmed, closing tonight (Sunday)

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Was told last night by a few people that the liberal club closed its doors permanently last night.


  • Bit out the blue?
  • That will save me a trip in a couple of hours if true
  • Trying to get confirmation
  • Hope its not true
  • Do hope that is not true as it's my regular pre match watering hole. Would miss it
    as its where my group all meet up, and the staff are great as well.
  • Is that crossbars...whats your number mate can I call you
  • That was to cblock
  • Addickted said:

    Is that crossbars...whats your number mate can I call you

    Best to PM them through the activity page, then no one else gets to see your message.

    Yes will do that need to get a lot of my chest....
  • It has been getting less and less busy on match days, upstairs bar not open although seats are, doubt it does huge trade on non-match days unless booked for a function.

    Still always the Antigallican.
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  • Got some mixed replies, but messaged the steward for full confirmation
  • Been confirmed, tonight is the last night
  • DA9 said:

    Been confirmed, tonight is the last night

    Thanks ...
  • Can't believe that, surely someone else is gonna give it a go?
  • Sad times.

  • CL to take it over as a clubhouse?
  • Bloody Roland...
  • Mrs GA granddad used to run it, in the 60's & 70's. Saw photos with the players in there after matches. Not sure where the photos are now, will ask.
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  • edited October 2018
    Wasn't it only referbed recently ?
  • Wasn't it only referbed recently ?

    Yes, but lost most of it's capacity to flats.

    The real shame was that they did the deal to sell of the older part of the building not knowing the Con club was about to close.

    If they had known the joint trade might have kept them open but now too small and not enough non-match day income is my guess.
  • The new 'doctors surgery' look didn't help but bog-standard pubs are finished. The Royal Oak won't be far behind. There is hardly any non-matchday trade.
  • The amount of drinking establishments in Charlton that have closed over the years is ridiculous.
    If any more close we will probably have our pre match drink at London bridge or Greenwich.
  • Has the Antigallican closed ?
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