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Sunderland v Charlton - Post Match Views


Feel a Basil Fawlty breakdown with the branch coming up...


  • Horrible way to start the season.

    5 days to sign 10 players
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    I would have rather we got smashed 5-0, that was too painful!

    Can't blame the players for that one.

  • Arse
  • Desperately seeking a positive.

    Beforehand I thought we'd lose 3-0. To only lose 2-1 to almost the last kick of the game was an unexpected improvement.
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  • Sitting in pub with fellow Addicks and as soon as the '6 minutes' came up we new we wouldn't hold on.Can't really fault the effort but we lacked any kind of creativity in midfield and I lost count of the number of petty free kicks we gave away. First half half decent - Sunderland were pants - but as usual couldn't nick a second goal. As soon as they scored the outcome was pretty obvious. Never created anything going forward in this half, too many over-hit or misplaced passes never looked like scoring. Better get used to this folks feel it's going to be a long season!
  • Painful.

    First half we looked cracking, top two were too much for Sunderland to handle, midfield looked busy and energetic and back 4 comfortable. Second half the formation change did us, and we had no options on the bench to bring on to try and change things around. It is going to be a long season.

    And yet more injuries :(
  • Joyless fucking club.
  • Just on way home from game. Sunderland are poor. We should have put the game to bed in the first half. We looked very tired in the 2nd half and players like Pratley needed to be subbed but we only had 5 subs. We look decent though and dare I say it even better when our injured players are back.
  • We lack any attacking impetus off the bench, almost non existent on the wings in terms of pace and trickery. If fosu isn't back soon we could leave a lot to do.

    Oh and Roland off you must fuck.
  • Copied from match thread.

    Should have made changes. Give a fuck if you don't rate the options we needed fresh legs and some were dead on their feet and offering nothing towards the end.

    Feels like naivety from LB but it just stings to lose in the last minute. Real villain is Roland who has left us with the thinnest squad we've ever had and must be the one blocking us bringing in the trialists.

    If we lost Aribo this week we are fucked as thought he and Grant looked good today.
  • Did better than I expected nearly holding out for a point.

    The game was lost on player availability when we needed fresh legs in the middle we had no options, none at all - can’t fault Bowyer today.

    Good effort from the players to no avail. Lapslie May grow but not up to this division, we’re an injury (or a player sale) away from a very very tough season.
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  • The squad is weak. If at least 5, quality, players are not brought in then the season is going nowhere. With injuries loss of form by January there will not be 11 players to put out a team.
    RD is killing the club, he will get nothing selling it soon, as there will be nothing to sell. Goalkeeper looks weak. No back up to defence. Mid field, as always has no play maker. Taylor is best forward in a while but will only score if chances created.
    Yes the team looked good in places in the first half.
    Overall it looked like an end of season squad with the hope there will be strengthening in close season ready for a push next season. That squad is so thin it is an insult to paying supporters.
    How do we get RD out?
  • With JFC in the team and Pratley to come on off the bench I think we'd have held on (to either 1-0 or 1-1 at least)

    To have such an important player out for the season when we already need to boost the squad is so cruel. Get the triallists/loans signed asap.
  • Typical capitulation at the end think I will take the season off following Charlton’ already put me in a bad mood for the weekend
  • Good first half, but didn’t really cope with their formation second half. Having said that, Sunderland didn’t look much cop to be honest. We can’t carry on in this threadbare state though, we just don’t have the manpower to see us through the season.
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