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Darren Pratley (Page 22 - Signed for Leyton Orient)



  • Great stuff ! 

    They'll love your grit & determination & predict you'll become an Orient legend. 
  • Good luck to him, hope he does well for them and think he will
  • Orient  have been through a lot with nutty owners and then losing their manager tragically. This seems such a common sense move.
  • Good luck to him. Gave it everything always and a top pro.
    Will do well at LO
  • He is as fit as a fiddle,if he wants he can play until he is 40,great signing for Orient,we may on occasions this coming season,miss what he brought to the team.
  • Good luck at your new club, Darren. Would have liked to have kept him for another season. Always gave 100 per cent.
  • I think we are going to miss his experience and influence in the dressing room.
    I am hoping that the calibre and finesse of the squad we assemble will mean we have less need of a midfield enforcer/destroyer this season - but I bet there will be occasions when I will be thinking, I wish we had Pratters to bring on.
    Having said that, I think he has reached a stage in his career of diminishing returns, so now perhaps was the time to move him on.
    I thank him and wish him the very best

  • And this will halve our yellow card count for next season.  Good luck Pratters and will always remember his goal against Donny in the play-off semi.
  • Shrews away a few years back was a belter and spoke to him after the he said the boys were all taking the piss saying it was a clearance. 
    Good luck Prats ! 
  • Seems a good fit for club and player.  Will do very well in L2 and no doubt his experience and personality will be good for their team/morale in the dressing room too.  Good luck to him.  I like Orient.
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