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    so Chris O'Loughlin is assistant coach. odds are getting better for Frank.
  • fuck me with this chris guy were bang in trouble

    O’Loughlin has previously worked as an Assistant Coach at Orlando Pirates and Melbourne Victory and also had stints as Head Coach at Congolese club AS Vitaand Sint-Truiden.
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  • I think uncle Roland couldn't wait to fire Russ so that he could appoint CO'L who was obviously getting bored. Maybe Slade was pissing the old fart off with his need for control over first team affairs.

    Who else would hire a member of the first team coaching staff as soon as they fire the manager?

    What is the motivation here? Bizarre.
  • HandG said:

    "Chris O'Loughlin will not become the club's new manager..."

    Please note those words people!

    They've missed a word off that line you highlight, that being "... yet"

    Clueless sock puppets
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    Hate to be pedantic but surely the ' is in the wrong place in the Title... Surely it should be C O'L?

    Sorry OCD kicked in a bit

    EDIT: Thank you :)
  • "Chris O'Loughlin will not become the club's new manager..."

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    Fck this fella, when he becomes manager he'll get no let up
  • Hilarious. Note the petulant 'contrary to reports' line. This club is a fucking joke

    That's the main thing that jumped out at me when reading that report. The rest became much of a blur. They really are like a bunch of children.
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    Well, at last I can see we've turned that corner.
    Can't wait for that improved ranking.
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  • Is this supposed to be, like, good news? A positive development?

    I hear Simon is a good bloke for some reason, but Kevin, Chris and Simon you are now the new face of the regime for however long.

    You are going into this with your eyes open guys, and Simon Clark, Kevin Foley, Chris O'Loughlin, Tony Keohane, Brian Cole, Sue Parkes, Katrien Meire, Roland Duchatelet and others are now all peas in the same pod.

    Right now the names I have mentioned are all people who basically hate and despise me as a fan, and there is only one way to soften my antipathy and that is to win, win without expecting any thanks for doing do as well.

    We have no Josh and Ricky, and Port Vale, Bristol Rovers and Sheffield United are coming up. The minimum requirement from that is nine fecking points and no excuses.
  • Same old, same old.

    They have made another mistake which they will no doubt tell us next season when we start off our League 4 campaign with a top 6 bugie.
  • So after much searching and meeting many excellent candidates we offered the managers position to Chris O'Loughlin. He has managed at a very high level and has also been part of the coaching set up here at Charlton.

    Statement for Monday...
  • And the nightmare goes on and on and on....................
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