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Internet Dating.



  • Or badgering..that's good (I hear)
  • Dizz, rule 1's....
  • ...never look one directly in the eye...
  • Dizz, rule 1's....


    I'll see what i can find from her portfolio stuff and i might, might upload it. Arent you from 365 too?
  • Yar.

  • Dizzle, you can't give us a story like like without posting a picture, maybe one of her old modeling shoots? ;-)

    I remember one date, we were sitting opposite each other in the pub and I kept getting this strange yet rank smell wafting around. I asked her if she could smell it and she said no. This went on all the time we sat there. Conversation was really flowing and getting on like a house on fire, was this the one? Eventually we got up to leave, walked out the pub and before i knew it, she was all over me, shoving her tongue down my throat.......................Then it hit me where that smell was coming from. This woman had the worst halitosis ever. A turd sandwich would have left a better taste in my mouth. We said our goodbyes and I walked away spitting to try and get the taste out of my mouth. This progressed into a gagging reflex and within 100 yards of leaving her, I was emptying the contents of my stomach into the gutter. Even the taste of my own bile couldn't fully clear it. It was only got rid of when I flushed it out with a BK whopper & coke.

    Just the thought of it for weeks made me feel physically sick...................
  • Oh ok cool. Im Dizz there, although im sure you have guessed.

    I'll see what i can do later. Cant at work obviously.
  • A proper "would ya" at last..........along with sadies mum of course. ;-)
  • Anyone tried that sex in the uk website?
  • That's one to tell your kids about Dizzle haha!
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  • What's 'Gulling'?
  • What's 'Gulling'?
    felching in park bushes
  • Bird watching innit. Well, of sorts...
  • im lovin the stories, keep em comin boys.
  • I once met someone from an online site and we agreed to meet at Waterloo station one night after work. I texted her before her train pulled in saying I was outside Tie Rack (romantic I know). Anyway, there was also another guy stood a few feet away from me texting on his phone....

    There were some vague similarities between this chap and I. Quite tall, blonde hair, similar age. She's walked up to him and said "Hi, Tom?"....and he replied "Erm, yeah...Sorry do I know you?".....Turns out his name was Tom as well! It was only at this point I noticed her face and realised what had happened before saying her name and getting her attention.

    It was pretty awkward, but probably more for her than for me!
  • I met a girl at a concert who happened to be on a fansite similar to this one the performing artist. Wasn't planning to meet but we met inside the venue. She was admin and I was a regular poster.

    she came home, one thing led to another, I removed her bra and bang!.... hairy nipples. Still did it though but never called her after. She banned me from the forum.

  • Been doing this since last June. Had eleven dates before I met, hopefully the "one"! Had some right laughs along the way and not really met any nutters apart from one who started undressing me in the restaurant and wanted to buy drugs! I've been with my lady for nearly six weeks now and I absolutely adore her. Any single guys and gals should go down this route as I've met the most amazing person who I doubt I would have met in a boozer, six pints to the good.
  • As promised...... Although not the pic that drew me in ......

  • As promised...... Although not the pic that drew me in ......

    I would!
  • Use Internet dating all the time and have had some great encounters ..... Just dropped some sort to the station 2 hours ago after a 3 day shag fest ...... Rude not too lol
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  • As promised...... Although not the pic that drew me in ......

    Nice one Dizzle. Whenever I was contacted by women as beautiful as that, they turned out to be a 6'4 russain named boris who wanted my bank details..................
  • As promised...... Although not the pic that drew me in ......

    I would!
    I have!

  • I was delighted she turned out to be genuine, and thanks, she is beautiful. Remember though this was facebook so not some sort of autobot on the dating sites.
  • Atheltic = no tits
    Likes jogging = no tits
    Slim = no tits
    Awaiting photo verification = no tits
  • Its really weird but all the birds i seem to meet online are all northerners! Maybe there something about me that attracts the northern lass? Still I get to travel all around the UK and I wouldn't have gone to places like Louth in Lincolnshire if it wasn't for online dating! There is a good curry house in Louth by the way but I wouldn't advise drinking pints in the Weatherspoons at 9am tho haha.
  • Dizzle rule 1 yourself. Then I will add them together and see if I can believe your story.
  • Mate- Im in the middle on my Profile pic on here with Waggy and Solly. Its not a secret.

    Im a handsome chap. Saga Lout has seen me.

    JT also has access to a few photos
  • Im a handsome chap... lol
  • Im a handsome chap... lol
    That was meant tongue in cheek, i just forgot the ;)


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