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Megson Gone

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See ya


  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.....
  • Haha brilliant
  • Best manager outside of the PL.
  • Too late to get automatic. Silly decision if you ask me. They would need 10 wins out of 13 and with their squad I don't think it's happening.
  • Sheffield Wednesday have parted company with manager Gary Megson.

    Chairman Milan Mandaric said: "This was a very difficult decision but one that has been taken with the best interests of Sheffield Wednesday at heart.

    "We have 13 games to go of what is a critical season for our club and this decision has been taken because I believe we have a better chance of achieving our key aim of promotion by making the change.

    "I fully understand this may not be the most popular decision amongst our supporters but I ask them to trust me, as they have done so whole heartedly during the time I have been at the club.

    "Whilst we won what was a huge game last Sunday, I have looked at results before that to reach the conclusion which I believe is the right one for now and the future of Sheffield Wednesday.

    "I take no decision lightly regarding this club and this one is no different.

    "One chapter is closed and another one begins. We must now look forward and I hope to appoint a new manager as soon as possible to help achieve success for this club."

    Sheffield Wednesday will be making no further comment at this time.
  • Brilliant. I remember having an arguement with a Charlton fan at the end of last season in the Valley Cafe who thought we should have got Megson instead of Powell. I would love to meet him now!
  • owls talk melt down

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  • The natives ain't happy on Owlstalkshite
  • Lee Clarke to Wendies would be funny.

    Maybe Powell would be tempted. He said he's already at a big club but could he resist a massive club : - )

    We would have won this league anyway but the way the other teams have shot themselves in the foot has made it a whole lot easier.
  • cant get on there to see must be in melt down
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    ginger Mourinho???
  • The natives ain't happy on Owlstalkshite
    They wanna make their mind up then, half of them hated him.
  • Unbelievable really!2 shocking decisions from Hudders and Wednesday!
  • Mandaric; tosser. win the Sheffield derby and sack your manager. Time to count our blessings.
  • It's hard for League 1 managers as hey have to live up to SCP's standards and that is almost impossible
  • Mandaric = wrong 'un. Reminds me of that tosser that was chairman at wimbledon, hamman was it?

    All mouth and no trousers, as my dear old Dad used to say.
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    Megson :" I believe I'm a more talented manager than some who are currently working in the Premier League" - Jan 2012.
    Sacked - Feb 2012.
    Win the Sheffield derby and sack the manager 3 days later. Genius Mandaric....
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  • I am sorry but Mandaric is a madman.
  • Fear not, I'm sure he has a cunning plan......expect The Special One to quit Madrid overnight.
  • Lee Clark goes there and takes them up, beating Huddersfield in the PO Final.

    Now, that would be a great script.
  • What goes around etc etc ...

    Shouldn't have messed with SCP at Hillsborough when the fickle finger of fate was hovering over his head !
  • why boring football miserable manager wasted money

    sack him the ginger twat

    dave jones will be manager by saturday not the dead one
  • Martin Allen, they deserve each other.
  • ON Owlstalk they think Dave Jones is already lined up.

    (I had to read the Davy Jones thread first to avoid confusion).
  • yep the special one would be the only person who would be able to handle the Massive job.

    more realistically...curbs.
  • Well Megson didnt win ugly.
  • I would've been happy if he had of stayed as we could def write them off
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