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Zheng Zhi



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    * CommentAuthorgolfaddick
    * CommentTimeAug 2nd 2008

    quote# 48
    yeh, and ambrose has only another year left, and always injured - cut your loses
    Shelveys young & can walk any minute - cut your loses

    idiot - if you had your way we're be relegated by xmas.

    anyone there today could see that we still havn't sorted out the midfield - 2 wingers with no idea how to cross a ball & a midfield who couldn't find put a through pass if they played all night - and you want to gget rid of soneone who scotred most goals from midfield.

    This is from the second page of this thread.

    Perhaps people should listen to Golfie more often then immediately slag him off for being negative. He is negative when needs must. If times call for positivity he says nothing ;-
  • I heard he may be coming in as backup to Wagstaff. He's a good pebble dasher down the wing.
  • A little off topic bit he is and always was overated dog shit.
  • I beg to differ with your anal ysis of Zheng
  • Zheng Zhit
  • This thread has really gone down the pan
  • heard he was giving up football for a career in hip-hop and was going to join to Poo-tang clan!
  • Thought some fans might want to know that he won the Asian Champions League this weekend with Guangzhou Evergrande - coached by Marcello Lippi. Played very well according to Twitter.
  • I saw him play for China v Holland this summer in Beijing, and he is still Chinas best player.
  • China play some of their games in Kunming, due to the altitude, hopefully will be able to get to a game and see ZZ again!
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  • Stu you should sing the ZZ song and see how it goes down :)
  • absolutely no chance they will play in urumqi

    40,000 youthful males gathered in one place.... majority of whom would be likely to be uyghurs..... that would create some nervous officials
  • ZZ is Guangzhou Evergrande's captain.I didn't watch the final match but it's obviously been the most talked about subject here recently.After years and years of frustration,there's finally something for us Chinese football fans to cheer about...
  • captaining China against Indonesia in an Asian Cup game right now
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