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Charlton vs Wigan: Post match views

Sorry but I thought that was dogshit - personally don't think they worked hard enough or put enough of a shift in

Over to you


  • Square Pegs / Round Holes + Refusal to change a formation that isn't working = Loss.

    Wigan setup well against a predictable formation. KR had no plan B.
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    First game I've seen for a long time but thought we were pretty poor. Wigan looked far superior. Sloppy defending for goals and no real cutting edge going forward. Big Josh isolated most of the game. First real test and failed it miserably
  • 3-0 was about the right result - we were dreadful.
  • That was as poor as any performance we've seen over the last 2 seasons.

    So many shit performances across the 11, and the substitutions made show how fucking weak the rest of the squad is.

    Not as good as we thought we were. Nowhere near in fact.
  • Felt like a game from the Championship relegation season under Luzon, think Preston 3-0 or Brentford 3-0 etc.
  • Need to bounce back on Saturday.

  • Tired old team tonight.

    They're just not used to having to play midweek.

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    A bad day at the office or cracks beginning to show?

    The former I think but not entirely sure. 0-3 shocked me.
  • Have we been found out already?
  • Oggy Red said:

    Tired old team tonight.

    They're just not used to having to play midweek.

    ????? this is their third season in League One, should be used to it by now.
  • Outplayed tonight
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  • Oggy Red said:

    Tired old team tonight.

    They're just not used to having to play midweek.

    Didnt Wigan play on Saturday too ?...
  • Redskin said:

    We were going to lose at some point and tonight was the night.
    Dust ourselves down, and go again at Gillingham. Perspective people, perspective.

  • As others said gotta lose some games and after a good run it might just remind them that unless they all work hard they will lose. Wigan have been picking up points also so was going to be a test. Still in 3rd spot. KR has to give them a kick up the arse. Gone and forgotten, next game is all that matters now.
  • Wow.

    Thought our first half was better than the first half on Saturday, despite a real dodgy patch before half-time. However, that second half was staggeringly shit - worse than last season, by a mile.

    We got taught a lesson in that second period, we were completely taken apart and didn't have a sniff. Wigan are a horrible, dirty little side, mixed with some very attractive football... exactly what you need to be to get out of this divison.

    We have a long way to go if we are to reach their standards.

    That truly was an utterly abject performance - dire.
  • Thank god I didn't take my son and get battered by both girlfriend and ex-wife for keeping him up.

    Always knew it was a bad idea to let the dragon get killed and taken over by the forces of the dead.

    It's not the end of the world yet, it never was the start of a full renaissance. Chill muthers
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