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  • Re: The General Election - June 8th 2017

    Chizz, what is the population of NI - 1M ? - 100,000 each ? - 1,000,000 each ?
    The population of Northern Ireland is c 1.811m
    Though some of us are big boned, so it seems larger....
  • Re: The General Election - June 8th 2017

    I really am not that politically savvy. Thanks to SDAddick, I have a better handle on the US than I do the UK.

    But one thing I cannot get my head around, is how this small bunch of Irish backward-thinkers are now part of the government that rules my country. And how they have been paid to vote for May's stuff. How the fuck is this allowed, let alone deemed 'right'? Why is there an Irish woman, whom I've never seen or heard of before, now on TV telling me what's what? I know I don't entirely get it, but I also know I certainly don't like it.

    Point of order, they don't consider themselves to be Irish, they're backward thinking Brits.
  • Re: The General Election - June 8th 2017

    The conservatives found the magic money tree after all.

    £1bn extra paid to the DUP. 100m per each MP as a bribe to prop them up in power.
  • Re: Contacting Members

    He's just messaged me.

    He wants to meet me in Macro's car park before the Ipswich friendly!
  • Re: Southeastern train disruption (all day, everyday, all pages)

    Did everyone enjoy their free bottle of hot water on the way home tonight?
  • Re: Southeastern train disruption (all day, everyday, all pages)

    My train now fast to Sidcup,really handy as I live in New Eltham
  • Re: Entire Russia squad being investigated by FIFA

    Since the '18 and '22 world cups have been announced, I've always felt like Russia got off easy in terms of scrutiny. For starters, football isn't huge in Russia. But obviously beyond that, it's a country led by an autocrat of terrible human rights abuses. Obviously FIFA weren't to know this at the time (though I doubt it would have stopped them), but right now gay men are being sent to concentration camps in Chechnya. And there is of course killing dissidents and opposition leaders, all of which admittedly has gotten *worse* in the years since the World Cup was awarded, but is not unique to that time frame.

    It's one of the many things FIFA has to be ashamed of.
  • Re: The General Election - June 8th 2017

  • Re: The General Election - June 8th 2017

    Tories of CL: defend this. I insist.
  • Re: Andrews Sykes PLC

    I've had the pleasure of meeting Paul Wood, Andrew Sykes' top man, at every POTY dinner I've helped to organise and he's a lovely guy- Charlton from head to toe.

    More recently, we met at the end of season's Sponsors' dinner this year and indeed, the relationship between our club and a well respected sponsor has soured surprises there then.

    We shared the sadness & anger that the current regime has forced us to feel & Paul was quite emotional when he told me he was glad that his dear Dad wasn't around to see our demise.

    It is very gratifying to hear that a local company, highly supportive of our great club in the past, is flourishing and I hope this success will long continue .

    The company will be one of many that KM & co have alienated in one way or another over the past few years but it is their and our, loss. In the same manner as when hundreds, nay thousands of loyal fans have walked away under their stewardship, they will have shrugged their shoulders & moved on.

    But I feel sure that one well known old adage will return to haunt them before much longer....

    "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone".