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Best Of

  • Re: President Trump

    He'll probably be a good president but will get no credit because the left keep bloody whinging.
    Want to trade healthcare plans with me? How about you @buckshee? Or the access to healthcare that so many women depend on through Planned Parenthood? Want to have your rights to equality and protection taken away like it will be from my friends who are gay? Want to register yourself for a national registry because of your religion, despite the fact that religion has almost no effect on violence in the US? Want to be slightly afraid because you're Jewish, and the chief strategist in the White House is an anti-semite, and neo-Nazis and the KKK openly supported Trump and view his victory as a victory for their cause?

    If you'd like to list out some of his policies and appointments you support, I'd be happy to discuss those with you.
  • Re: President Trump


    Bill Clinton caught checking out Ivanka Trump.
  • Re: President Trump

    He purchased himself a presidency, he's a sexist, mysoginistic, prejudiced xenophobe. Possibly a sexual predator. He is a liar. But he won, what can you say?
  • Re: President Trump

    I genuinely believe that he initially done this as a joke/windup never thinking he would even come close and it just spiraled out of control
  • Re: Unusual Sandwich Combinations (warning, weirdo alert)

    Some of you lot are scum bags.