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  • Re: If we got to Wembley , would Duchatelet turn up?

    @MuttleyCAFC the only hope we have is getting spurs away in the cup
    And that's pretty slim odds - we'd have to stay in the FA Cup until the third round or the League Cup until the third round just to feature in the same draw as them.
  • Re: RIP Sir Roger Moore

    A wonderful story to lighten this dark day.
  • Re: Strange things that happen to you

    I was sitting at the bus stop in Bickley earlier, waiting for a bus to Grove Park, to visit my old shop for old times sake, when I spat my chewing gum out and vollied it so hard, it went though some geezers car window, cor what a bang! I weren't scared though coz he was only driving a pink Fiat panda, with I Am What I Am by Shirley Bassey blaring out.
  • Re: RIP Sir Roger Moore

    IMO Bought the best sense of humour to Bond. Some of the ways he delivered the dry wit were wonderful. As a child born in 1980 and growing up loving Bond Movies I feel like I grew up with him.

    One of the first memories I have of going to the cinema is my Dad taking me to the Bexleyheath cinema to see View to a Kill as a surprise after school.