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  • Re: Charlton v Oxford - Match Thread (post match from P15)

    'Some players want to play, some players don't want to play'.

    Well I'd suggest don't play those who don't want to play. What a prick.
    It pains me to say it but when Neil Warnock went to Rotherham last season (when they were deep in relegation trouble) the first thing he did was to get the entire squad divided into two opposing teams with a match played behind closed doors - no holds barred. Only those who 'performed' in this game were selected for the next match irrespective of whether they were 'first teamers' or not.

    @LargeAddick is absolutely right. If Robinson says he has identified players at the Club who don't want to play then they should not be anywhere near the first team and put on gardening leave on reduced wages until such time as they can be moved on. They certainly should not appear in future matches unless they can demonstrate that they are willing to play for the shirt and fulfill their contract obligations.
  • Re: TWITTER! No comments. Just post your favourite tweets.

  • Re: Charlton v Oxford - Match Thread (post match from P15)

    The majority of our team made CONOR MCALENY look like a warrior. Backs turned on shots, failing to win pretty much all 50/50's, no challenges aerially. Pathetic. Passing is awful. Throw ins regularly went straight to an Oxford player. The likes of Holmes, Magennis, Bauer look shadows of the players they were at the start of the season. One dimensional.

    KR is bang on in one comment he makes. To me they looked like they are not getting coached. If his answer is simply 'but they are' then I suggest he goes back to the drawing board and realises that whatever shit coaching him and his team are giving them is not working.
  • Re: Season ticket sales next season?

    I can just see Meire's explanation. The difference between 20,000 and 2,000 is only a nought which is effectively nothing!
  • Re: LOL at our empty stadium

    I had a look at the other site and on it there is a complete tool who blames the protests for the crowd shrinking. He then seems to justify his hatred for protestors because they don't undertsand it is not their club but Rolands. The deluded fool doesn't realise that this is the message that loses us supporters. Those who feel strongly enought to protest are not lost and even those who feel it is their duty to support the club whoever the owner is, are not the problem. But the most important fans of our club are the ones that it can easily lose. The ones that just don't care anymore! The ones who are told they don't matter and to lump it if they are not happy! And given the choice they choose the latter! And I would say the protestors are certainly not in that camp! I'd rather not be going to Belgium next weekend, I have better things I could be doing, but I feel it is a duty to the club I love. I think all the others who care enough have to try to get there too.

    Will it do the trick? or any trick? - we don't Know. Nobody does! Especially those that think they do! But doing nothing will achieve nothing. We do know that!
  • Re: GRAS - new STVV protest group

    GrAS have posted about 4 March on STVV fans' forum (original followed by google translation)

    Mars tegen het beleid, zaterdag 4 maart!
    Bericht gras 22 Feb 2017, 15:10
    Om onze boodschap aan Duchâtelet te ondersteunen zullen we zaterdag 4 maart 2017 samenkomen op de Grote Markt van Sint-Truiden om 17u45. Daar zullen we protesteren tegen de huidige constructie NV STVV – NV Stayen en oproepen om van sportief succes opnieuw een prioriteit te maken, om daarna in een mars naar Staaien te trekken waar we de protesten zullen verder zetten voor aanvang van de wedstrijd tegen Eupen.

    We kunnen hierbij ook bevestigen dat een grote groep Charlton Athletic supporters uit Londen zullen afreizen om mee te protesteren. Zoals jullie wellicht weten, protesteren zij al meer dan een jaar tegen Duchâtelet in een poging om hem te overtuigen om de club te verkopen.

    Herinnert u zich hoe trots we waren om voor de Kanaries te supporteren? Herinnert u zich “De Hel van Staaien”? Laat ons het bekende vuur en geestdrift van STVV terug aanwakkeren en van STVV opnieuw een echte club maken.

    March against the policies, Saturday, March 4th!
    Post by gras »22 Feb 2017 15:10
    To support our message to Duchâtelet we will meet Saturday, March 4th, 2017 at the Grote Markt of Sint-Truiden at 17:45. We will protest against the current construction NV STVV - NV Stayen and calls of sporting success again be a priority, and then in a march to draw Staaien where we will continue the protests before the game against Eupen.

    We can hereby confirm that a large group of Charlton Athletic supporters will travel from London to protest it. As you may know, they have been protesting for more than a year against Duchâtelet in an attempt to convince him to sell the club.

    Do you remember how proud we were to cheer for the Canaries? Do you remember "Hell Staaien"? Let us return fueling the familiar fire and enthusiasm of STVV and re-create a real STVV club.
  • Re: Charlton v Oxford - Match Thread (post match from P15)

    We've had a half dozen shots. One hit the bar, three saved, another wide.
    And the sixth was so crap it wasn't even worth mentioning!
  • Re: Charlton v Oxford - Match Thread (post match from P15)

    No idea how to put this. There was so much wrong with tonight. Here come the standard Paddy P bullet points:

    - Rudd had no idea how to marshal his defence. Our centre backs simply do not communicate properly with him; each other; or the full backs. In that regard, we are REALLY missing Pearce.
    - Teixeira and Bauer both looked criminally casual, Tex in particular. Their distribution was woeful; Bauer was particularly slow in making decisions; both are quite slow pace-wise; neither looked in the game. Neither looked up for it, and this is a game where their "coolness" turned into complacency/sloppiness, which is unacceptable given how good they have looked before. I think it's actually a trait for both of them (the casualness of it), and I hope it changes immediately.
    - Speaking of mental inadequacy - JFC. What the fuck was he doing. I'm amazed he wasn't hauled off immediately after he was booked, as he was persistently making stupid fouls; couldn't pass it; didn't really do much running; and showed little in defence. He was WELL off the ball mentally. There were still... tiny flashes of quality, but far outweighed by poor play.
    - Page isn't good enough. Not that he played that badly, but technically he's flawed; mentally he takes too long to make what is often the wrong decision; and physically he's neither that quick nor that strong. Early call for me to make and I hope he proves me wrong, but that's what I think.
    - I have a bias in favour of Solly, and on first thought, I was disgraced at the red. Having mulled it over and seen others' reactions, I'm sorely disappointed. He lost it well before that challenge, and to compound his head going in the first half, made a fucking stupid decision. Now he's out for 3 games. Fuck sake.
    - Crofts I have respect for. He's not a great footballer, but he doesn't hide, and kept going for 90 minutes. Played a bit below his usual standard (which itself isn't great), but then again almost everyone did.
    - Byrne was barely in it. Hit the bar, other than that, what did he do?
    - Holmes showed. He wasn't at his best, but he was one of the least worst Charlton players on the pitch.
    - Mavididi is clearly going to be a very very good footballer. He was unlucky not to score, and despite fading quite drastically after about 60 minutes, was still our best player by a mile.
    - Magennis looked unfit both mentally and physically. For now, will give him the benefit of the doubt and say he's been rushed back a bit too early.

    - Botaka could have run around a bit more, but that's about it. Barely had a chance to do anything.
    - Aribo was competent tbh.
    - Watt is so unfit. He just hasn't got it at the moment, whatever the "it" was when he first joined.

    Team/game as a whole:
    - No trust, unlike when I last saw us at home vs Fleetwood. So disjointed.
    - We looked tired. Not overly sure why.
    - We played well earlyish doors 2nd half, but weren't able to connect passes fluently.
    - Oxford played really quite well in adjusting to us; taking the game to us; and it was a good goal they deserved (even if the goal itself was from a speculative shot).
    - McAleny looked different class today.
    - Referee was absolutely spot on with all his decision-making, except maybe one minor thing.
    - Mentally, we lost it and they had their tails up after the goal. We actually lost the game in the 12th minute I'd say, as there was no response. Even after half time, there wasn't *really* one.


    ... Why do I bother any more?
  • Losing battle


    Peter Brueghel (the younger) captures the scene in early 1617 as Baron Roger Duchâtelet orders the inhabitants of Sint Truiden to sing and dance following their heavy defeat in a game of Kolven at the hands of local rivals Tongeren.

    Duchâtelet, depicted in black tunic and burgermeister hat on the left of the painting, looks on stern-faced as those around him dance about and feign enjoyment.

    Art historians have recently identified the future pretender and upstart Thomas a’Driesen, seen to the right of a table in the background. He is believed to be consulting a Ouija board and plotting Sint-Truiden’s formation for their next Kolven game versus Hasselt.

    The women in black seated at the table was once thought to have been the infamous Katrien de Meire but further research has established that she was in England at the time of this defeat but not long before she ultimately fled these shores hidden in laundry basket on a barque sailing from Greenwich.

    PS. Sorry about this. So depressed that I wanted to find some solace in a flight of fancy rather than enter any serious debate!
    PPS Kolven - game played in post-medieval Flanders - could get violent - Roger Johnson might have done well in it.
  • Charlton v Oxford - Match Thread (post match from P15)

    Evening everyone, and welcome to Charlton Life Towers for tonight's match thread.

    Tonight is the night where we win a game and then everyone starts saying on multiple threads rather excitedly about how 'we can still make the play offs'. Approximately 3 days after the same people were assuring everyone our season is now over.

    Guiding you thought the comms tonight is the @JiMMy 85, so much gratitude to him in steering the updates. If anyone wants to get involved then please speak up as I'm sure Jimmy will love to shift it so he can concentrate some time on his love poems.

    Team news when they follow. Up the Addicks!