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  • Re: Erhun Oztumer

    Scored a worldy against Bolton at the Reebok earlier in the season

    I THINK he's their top scorer (as @GolfAddick says, he's not even a Striker) - Why the hell we didnt sign him ourselves when he refused a new Peterborough Contract I'll never know, in my opinion, Walsall signing him for free was probably the best bit of business done in the whole of League One over the summer!!
    His record at Posh was unexceptional though, he's only blossomed this season. It's the opposite to Ajose and Novak...
  • Updated Squad List - 1st February 2017

    First Team


    Declan Rudd 2017 - season long loan from Norwich City
    Dillon Phillips 2018

    Right Backs

    Chris Solly 2020
    Ezri Konsa undisclosed "Long Term" (2019 estimated, signed December 2015)

    Centre Backs

    Roger Johnson 2017
    Harry Lennon 2018
    Patrick Bauer 2019
    Jason Pearce 2019
    Jorge Teixeira 2020
    Naby Sarr 2020 - loaned to Red Star FC 93 (France)

    Left Backs

    Adam Chicksen 2017
    Lewis Page 2019 - signed from West Ham United for undisclosed fee

    Central Midfielders

    Andrew Crofts 2017
    Johnnie Jackson 2017
    Fredrik Ulvestad 2017 - signed on season long loan from Burnley
    El-Hadji Ba 2018 - Released
    Ahmed Kashi 2018 (long term injury)
    Joe Aribo 2019
    Jake Forster-Caskey 2019 - signed from Brighton and Hove Albion for undisclosed fee

    Wide Midfielders

    Jordan Botaka 2017 - signed on season long loan from Leeds United
    Nathan Byrne 2017 - signed on loan from Wigan Athletic for remainder of 2016/17 season
    Jay Dasilva 2017 - signed on loan from Chelsea for remainder of 2016/17 season
    Ricky Holmes 2018
    Cristian Ceballos 2018 - season long loan to Koninklijke Sint-Truidense Voetbalvereniging (Belgium)


    Stephy Mavididi 2017 - loan from Arsenal for remainder of 2016/17 season
    Josh Magennis 2018
    Tony Watt 2018
    Lee Novak 2019
    Nicky Ajose 2019 - loaned to Swindon Town for remainder of 2016/17 season
    Igor Vetokele 2019 - loaned to Koninklijke Sint-Truidense Voetbalvereniging (Belgium) for remainder of 2016/17 season

    U23 Development Squad


    Dimitar Mitov 2017 plus one year option
    Callum Thomas 2017 (estimated) - youth Loan to South Park
    Jordan Beeney 2018 (had heard he signed a 2 year scholarship and 2 year pro deal)
    Ashely Maynard-Brewer 2019 plus 1 year option

    Right Backs

    Aaron Barnes 2017

    Centre Backs

    Elan Assiana 2017 (estimated)
    Daniel Bowry 2017
    Terell Thomas 2017 - loaned to Woking for remainder of 2016/17 season
    Kenneth Yao Undisclosed "Long Term" (2019 estimated, signed January 2016)

    Left Backs

    Archie Edwards 2018

    Central Midfielders

    Chris Millar 2017 - youth loan to Dulwich Hamlet
    Oliver Muldoon 2017 - Released
    Matt Carter 2018
    Regan Charles-Cook Undisclosed "Long Term" (2019 estimated, signed December 2015)
    George Lapslie 2019
    Anfernee Dijksteel 2020 - new contract unconfirmed by the club


    Reeco Hackett-Fairchild 2017
    Mikhail Kennedy 2018
    Brandon Hanlan 2018 - loaned to Bromley until 18th February
    Josh Umerah 2018 - loaned to Kilmarnock for remainder of 2016/17 season
    Louis-Michel Yamfam 2018 - youth loan to Dulwich Hamlet
    Karlan Ahearne-Grant 2019
  • WAR (Women Against the Regime) respond to Martin Samuel's Daily Mail article

    PRESS RELEASE FROM WAR, Tuesday 24/01/2017


    Newly formed Charlton supporters' group, WAR (Women Against the Regime), today calls on the FA not to appoint Charlton CEO Katrien Meire to higher office.

    Like many fans throughout football, WAR supports the need for greater diversity and believes that more women should be in positions of influence in the sport. However, we also believe that any such appointments should be based on competence, not simply gender. Given her track record as CEO at Charlton, the appointment of Katrien Meire would be a tick box appointment and not one that would benefit football.

    CEO of Charlton Athletic is the first senior managerial post of any kind for intellectual property lawyer, Katrien Meire. During her three years in charge she has shown herself to be incompetent as she has presided over the relegation of the team, constant churn in managerial and other senior roles at the club and mounting financial debt. Above all, she has driven a wedge between our once model club and its supporters.

    We assert that the appointment of Katrien Meire to the FA Board, just because she is an available female, would be a set-back for women in the game and for women in business.

    Who are Women Against the Regime (WAR)?

    We are a group of female supporters of Charlton Athletic FC. Our acronym is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the assertion about fan protests by CEO Katrien Meire in her talkSPORT interview on 27/10/16 that “this war, if we can refer to this as a war, is resolved through talking.”

    For over a year we have individually supported peaceful, lawful, legitimate protests against the owner Roland Duchâtelet, his spokeswoman in Charlton, Katrien Meire, and their poor stewardship of the club. We no longer believe the issue of their incompetent management of Charlton Athletic can be resolved by talking, because the evidence of the past three years is that, although they may talk when it suits them, they do not actively listen.

    We welcome the opportunity for capable women, as well as men, to excel in all areas of life, and feel well placed to counter perceptions of misogyny as the cause of the Charlton protests. We have scrutinised the public actions of Meire and Duchâtelet, and our contention is that this Regime is not fit for purpose. That one is a 32 year old female, and the other is a 70 year old male is totally irrelevant.

    For further information contact:
  • Re: Pitch inspection *GAME CALLED OFF*

    We're a competitive undersoil pipes club with connected boiler ambitions.
  • Re: Things you have bought because of Charlton Life.

    Duct tape
    Cor haven't you seen the various debates on here. It's actually duck tape..... :p
  • TheBelgium20 - Messages for Roland, FULL VIDEO

  • Re: Olympic Stadium; our day in court

    Quick update from various strands of the campaign.

    Sadiq Khan has basically delivered on our key demand, but we want to make sure that we are able to provide all we have to the investigation. To this end, we have a meeting with Caroline Pidgeon on Dec 6 - unfortunately I will only be able to join in on Skype, but the important thing is to ensure she is all over the operational stuff. Khan's people have also confirmed that they are interested in the operational side as well as the spiralling capital costs.That's good, because we are now able to show that because of the fiasco with the seating, as well as the loss of the naming rights, E20 will be losing at least £5m per annum. That completely destroys the central argument for this deal - that, unlike the athletics stadium, it would not require an ongoing subsidy from the taxpayer, but would pay back the capital costs over time.

    Last Thursday I went with fellow campaigner Steve Lawrence to the University of Football Business (who knew this exists?) at Wembley, where we presented the campaign to students. It's the first time I really had the chance to discover just how much Steve knows about this utter fiasco. He's an architect who was working on the Olympic project way back in the earliest days (his timeline of the story starts in 1990) . I sat open-mouthed as he showed us the original plan which envisaged the Park being on the other side of the railway line, and due to other land deals which were available there, McAlpine would have built the OS for free! And there would have been a railway station in the Park. For reasons I must get Steve to explain more, this was rejected by Coe and others. McAlpine were still the chosen contractor for the actual stadium. It is gob-smacking, trust me, and we really need to get this part of the story out there.

    Afterwards Steve revealed something else which I had not heard. In early July Mishcon de Reya submitted a formal State Aid complaint. Steve confirmed that their client is a club. And gratifyingly, the EC are reviewing it under the case number of my complaint, which they had kept open, hoping to hear from a club, exactly as they had told the BBC. I asked Steve what sanction the EC could impose on West Ham, since they did not receive the State money directly. He said that they would decide if West Ham are paying a "fair" rent. If not the EC could decide what is fair, and Steve reckons that figure could quite rationally be £30m per year. Think about the implications of that...

    Finally the BBC are planning an update on the story to run early Jan in the "Inside Out" slot. So I was back in the Museum on Friday being interviewed (this time properly attired :-)). This time it is a news journo doing it, who does not have any problem taking on all comers. And guess what, the other side, having complained bitterly that they didn't get enough airtime last time, have refused to participate:-)

    It's all crumbling faster than the Berlin Wall in 89...
  • Re: CARD: protests will go ahead against Sheffield United (26/11/16) regardless of management situation

    But the protests have never ruined the game, they have delayed the matches by minutes, minutes, nothing else

    This short period of time provides a genuine platform to make the views of many many supporters known.

    If we sing Roland Out when were losing 'its only about results'

    If we sing Roland out when were winning or have just scored 'its the wrong time'

    If we sing Roland out at away games 'were not supporting the team'

    We know it causes embarrassment to the regime.

    We know from results and comments it causes no distress to the players

    It may just also inform Karl R the depth of concern among the supporters a little more than he has so far understood.

    No protests will only suggest that all is ok, 2 wins and were yours, keep up the good work.

    This club is in a terminal decline whilst RD, KM and co remain at the helm and no amount of fresh starts will change that.
  • Re: **** #TaxiForRoland: CARD launches three-day birthday trip to Belgium

    I have tried to reflect on this excursion and simplify a pretty fulsome experience to things that might inform the situation we find ourselves in.

    It is a given that the taxi group followed the 2percent group, and that everybody in both groups was trying their best to influence things for the betterment of Charlton Athletic. And from my own experience those in the taxi group were to a man and woman totally dedicated to 'the cause' first and foremost, they were an awesome bunch.

    So what are my first hand impressions?

    One part of the mood music I experienced in St Truiden itself, and I must have interacted with about 50 local people in the street, the bat, the taxi and the hotel is that Roland is all about money...this was stated absolutely consistently.

    However there was also a conundrum in that Roland was also seen as scrooge like. Both with his ownership of St Truiden, but in personal ways like driving an old banger, or not buying decent clothes. So the question remained well what does he want the money for?

    One theory is that nobody understands, he is unfathomable, and probably a rich nutcase.

    However two angles were put to me. One was that his wife is a pretty well known and influential figure around the place, information that people volunteered and that I didn't need to deduce. Maybe one answer as to why Roland is so acquisitive is the influence of Mrs Duchatelet in all this, maybe it isn't just about what he want's but also somehow what she wants.

    The other angle was put to me by a Belgian man in a cafe. This guy interrupted proceedings and insisted on buying a group of us coffees. He was an ex-footballer but had spent most of his life as a school sports teacher. The money he suggested was simply about having power for the sake of power, that control is seductive and compelling to Mr Duchatelet.

    I will leave it to others to decide if those impressions can help focus on how to unseat Mr Duchatelet.

    Another major impression I certainly felt was the sheer influence and presence Mr Duchatelet has there.

    Very friendly police visited us in the square twice. Firstly to suss out what was going on, and then they shortly returned and actually asked 'when are you going to deliver the presents to Mr Duchatelet'. We said in about ten minutes. The people at the stadium were certainly prepared for our arrival

    I was in the second vehicle to arrive at the stadium (the taxi) and it was quite a full on experience which would take too long to cover completely.

    However some things are true in terms of my first hand experiences and what i made of them. The people working in the vicinity of the ground were on edge. The wanted to control the space, suggesting nearly everywhere was private property (the pavement even), we couldn't park, the police were on their way, the hotel was full, we should go. This was expressed in the clumsy context of pathetic attempts to deceive, pretend filming to identify us and especially lies. The bloke I had most to do with was cool about accepting he was frequently lying. I felt pretty annoyed by him.

    However in my encounters with him he said everybody was happy with Duchatelet in St Truiden, and denied with a 'no no no' that Duchatelet hated us, but offered the opinion that the problems were created by the players not Mr Duchatelet. He (like others back in town) was aware of Thomas Dreisen too. When I said to him it wasn't going to stop (the protests) and that we would be back, and keep it all up, he seemed a bit annoyed about that.

    I suppose all this adds up to a sense of scurrying reaction from some Duchatelet loyal locals, and meant they were fully aware we were around and they didn't like it.

    This sense was mirrored the next morning at Melexis when two employees came out to debate the degree to which Mr Duchatelet was involved with the company (a lot of half truths here, and equivocation), but they really didn't like us pitching up and wanted us gone. They were very exercised in trying to persuade us how distant Mr Duchatelet was from their company.

    Being out there I only have a vague idea of how it was impacting in a wider sense, but seeing immediate coverage in the Belgian media suggested to me that things we were doing were thought to be newsworthy.

    As I say this is part of the story told from the perspective of one of the people who went, but I have tried to make it similar to a reportage and will leave it to others to extrapolate what they will from it.