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  • Re: Where have the protests gone?


    It's Saturday night

    It's the greatest victory in your club's recent history against one of the most decorated clubs in world football

    There's only one thing for it....

    Go on a League One club 200+ miles away forum for a bit of fishing.

    Absolutely brilliant. What a hero
    Or to put it another way, go f**k yourself you northern twat.
  • Re: Roland Duchatelet ready to sell Charlton - (PAGE 49, TAKEOVER IMMINENT ???)

    From a selfish point of view anyone but Roland is my choice because on the minuscule chance the new owners are worse we will still get a chance as fans to come together, for however briefly that be .
    There was about 20 of us as season ticket holders in the NWQ when the Belgian circus turned up , now there’s 5 of us in the family stand .
    Friends and their children , sisters , niece and nephews(cousins to my sons) that have not been to The Valley since the sofa was shredded .
    The insults and pathetic management from the stewards of our club pushing these fans away, those that were old enough were all there for our previous League One experience , it was the Roland factor that pushed them away and I guess for the majority of the other 4-5k that have disappeared since our last League One sojourn .
    Will they come back, even if briefly , I hope so .
    I’ll be in that club shop buying new Charlton tops and paraphernalia as soon as this current circus fucks off .
    I’ll be booking up mascot packages for my kids , niece and nephews asap.
    I’ll be booking up the lounges for Charlton piss up with mates that we don’t see too often .

    These are things I and my friends all used to do till the dark cloud of Roland settled over The Valley .

    I’m not gonna hang around and do due diligence on how shit the new ownership maybe (I didn’t on Roland , it soon became clear when the likes of Kermorgant and SCP left but I still gave them a chance )

    I’ll be looking forward to buying a match day programme again (do they still have the away numbers in them) for the first time in a few seasons .
    I won’t feel bad about telling mates they shouldn’t be buying stuff for their kids at the ground .

    I wish my moral compass hadn’t stopped me going about my normal Charlton life but I for one could not turn a blind eye to the pissy vinegar comments and the pisstake of an experiment taking place at The Valley .

    Yes this season we seem a lot more settled but that’s because of the crap position the club has headed to that anything seems great compared to the shit that’s been foisted upon us.
    I’ve never been that excited about 5th in the third tier but with this ownership it’s even more of a turn off.

    So let’s throw the dice and even if it gets worse , to me it will be better to have tried and failed than not have tried at all
    My upside for the end of this ownership will be the chance to see all my young uns be mascot at The Valley and to enjoy the Charlton experience again , however fleetingly that may be .

    The day these clowns leave town there will be some celebrations in my household as we can ,for a small time at least , join up with our Charlton family, happy again to be just normal fans of our football club and who knows the new ownership may even care a little about us and results !

    Roland go forth and multiply .
  • Re: Oxford v Charlton - Post Match Views

    Such a sweet left foot for Sarr.
    TBH we stormed the first 25, should have been at least 3 up, then faded out - Fosu especially . Reeves was anonymous, as was Magennis, and we didnt really trouble their keeper in second half mainly because of wayward shooting, which was dreadful.
    However, we controlled the match, were much the better team, without really causing much damage. Lots of pretty football that got us, well, not really very far , especially in 2nd half.
    As you can tell, very impressed with Sarr. Confident, skilful and his distribution was spot on.
    @i_b_b_o_r_g I'm staying up late and bold highlighting all the posts from fans that were there. What you doing????
    was the President there or are you just shit at this cabbies
    If I slip up and misinterpret that the president was there through his descriptive post, then I hold my hand up. But me just showing that I was willing to stay up and bold highlight has gone a long way I feel in warding off the threat of ibborg
    if you'd read all posts "Charlton vs Oxford Ifollow help" you'd have noticed that the President watched on the stream .
    What I'm basically saying is if you want to be taken seriously on this board as a moderator you might wanna be a bit more thorough, especially when you are looking to pick up on the likes of 31 year man , or ibborg for any mishaps , all the best .
  • Re: Addicks V Lions match thread 14/01/17 still showing as an announcement?

    They do, but it sounds like you've blocked the category.... Fair enough!!!

    Go to the Categories page and look for the cog on the right... click unmute.
  • Re: Which Legend are you most looking for to seeing on Sunday.....

    Really excited for this. Got my ticket last night.
    Somethings come up last min so I now can't make today.

    Already bought 4 tickets but trust can have the money as a donation.

    If anyone could buy me a souvenir programme from the day I'd appreciate it. Happy to meet at a game some time to pick it up

    Happy to pick you one up Canters, probably not gona be at a game until Oct 14 but can post if you want it before then.
  • Re: The 2017 Summer Transfer Rumours Thread (Deadline Day from page 264)

  • Re: New vlog! Charlton 4-1 Northampton

    Excellent job so far!! Always love a good Vlog
  • Re: Weirdest things that have happened to you on a date

    So, one I'm not so proud of but has popped into my head

    I'd met a girl online who was pretty forward, she happened to be a stripper too. I suspect she may have done the occasional private job too. Anyway

    We had been chatting on the phone and to be frank, really explaining in detail what we were going to do to each other. We'd exchanged explicit photographs or one another and finally hooked up at a bar and ended up back at mine.

    I'm aware kids read this site so please edit of this next bit is inappropriate

    After some more booze and a dribble of narcotics we'd begun the most rancid, filthy sexual ritual I'd been involved in during my life up to that point. Boundaries were shattered and taboos were broken. One which included one of her digits being eased up my rectum. Leaving a false nail behind.

    The discomfort still makes my teeth creak to this day. The first 'date' ended with me face down, arse up and her pouring olive oil up my coy using a succession of things trying to retrieve said fingernail. Eventually the fucking thing was retrieved with the handles of two teaspoons acting as weird forceppy chopsticks.

    At this point it was about 5am and I was rewarded with what should have been one of the most thorough blowjobs I've ever had but it's fair to say the magic had dampened somewhat and I felt a bit..... interupted. Anyway she remained keen as mustard but that night had tainted me and I felt vandalised if I'm totally blunt so things dribbled out. Ones thing is for sure I don't think I'll forget that cold January night in 2009 in a hurry