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  • Re: Weirdest things that have happened to you on a date

    So, one I'm not so proud of but has popped into my head

    I'd met a girl online who was pretty forward, she happened to be a stripper too. I suspect she may have done the occasional private job too. Anyway

    We had been chatting on the phone and to be frank, really explaining in detail what we were going to do to each other. We'd exchanged explicit photographs or one another and finally hooked up at a bar and ended up back at mine.

    I'm aware kids read this site so please edit of this next bit is inappropriate

    After some more booze and a dribble of narcotics we'd begun the most rancid, filthy sexual ritual I'd been involved in during my life up to that point. Boundaries were shattered and taboos were broken. One which included one of her digits being eased up my rectum. Leaving a false nail behind.

    The discomfort still makes my teeth creak to this day. The first 'date' ended with me face down, arse up and her pouring olive oil up my coy using a succession of things trying to retrieve said fingernail. Eventually the fucking thing was retrieved with the handles of two teaspoons acting as weird forceppy chopsticks.

    At this point it was about 5am and I was rewarded with what should have been one of the most thorough blowjobs I've ever had but it's fair to say the magic had dampened somewhat and I felt a bit..... interupted. Anyway she remained keen as mustard but that night had tainted me and I felt vandalised if I'm totally blunt so things dribbled out. Ones thing is for sure I don't think I'll forget that cold January night in 2009 in a hurry
  • Re: Flag, Flagged and Flagging?

    No offence intended, but it amazes me how seriously some people take this sort of stuff. people being offended by people marking a flag against them is one of the most popular things out moderators get contacted about.

    What is the purpose of the Flag option?

    - primarily it is a way of highlighting content that fails the term or conditions of acceptable usage. ie if someone is being racist, or offensive or threatening to the degree they might potentially get themselves or this site in trouble, or OTT in the personal abuse of a fellow member. There is an undetermined line, but I think it is quite clear to most when it has been crossed

    - it is a way that if any seriously bad content was added it can be resolved quickly and without the need for a moderator to be online and aware, as they is an auto trigger that if a post gets a certain number of flags, it gets removed from public view

    - it's a way that if we are ever unsure about whether to allow a user to remain a member following an 'incident', it's helpful way to see what previous 'form' they may have

    - It is not to be used if someone posts something that you strongly disagree

    It's not perfect. Its childishly misused when people get in personal spats, and particularly with finger scrolling on phones, it's easy to hit accidentally. but it does serve a form of purpose.

    If ever we notice flags that are inappropriate, our mods remove them. But it's not something they actively do (because everyone has better things to do with their time!) and if you've got a rogue or two flag against your name, it means nothIng I can assure you.

    We explained usage of it when it was introduced, perhaps we should be doing reminders of that more frequently

    Hope that helps
    So why can't you flag a moderator's post you hypocrite !
    Good point, talks the talk, doesn't walk the walk
    And you wonder why the Mods remove your promotes?

    I think they are wonderful and I would willingly sell my house and all it's contents in assisting them in running this site

  • Re: Season ticket

    lol catchment area of 200 yards
  • Match Preview and Updates - UC Dublin v Charlton Athletic - Pre Season - 12/07/2017 - K.O 19.45

    3rd game in Ireland

    Teams will be made up of several players from the CAFC squad, some will be rested.

    Billy Clarke's surname is spelled Clarke with an e.

    UCD will be trying to match or beat Limericks result.

    In homage to the mighty Limerick.

    I started this thread to wind up Henners
    A Dublin win could earn some Tenners
    So put on a bet
    as men run about the wet.
    Something to do with Caitlin Jenners

  • Re: Latimer Road fire

    At risk of repeating myself, those of us who are involved in the consequences of the dollar dollar sub it out approach see things like this happening on the horizon. We're called scaremongerers, we don't see the bigger picture (short term financial gain), we worry too much, we're tubthumpers, or the classic I heard not long ago "you'd have us at the mercy of unions and on a 3 day week" which nearly earned the dickhead who said it a black yok.

    People have gotten so used to malpractice, to rule bending, to blagging their way out of things, of saying 'not my responsibility' it's accepted and drives me mad. I had to loudly bollock and physically stop someone last week from doing something incredibly dangerous in the middle of a road because, in short, although he was on day rate he was petrified of his 25 year old spreadsheet merchant manager jumping on his back about his performance. The same manager that won't thank him for risking his life and limbs to get a job done. It's not acceptable on day rate or price but once someone is a self employed contractor they are expendable. Nobody will write that down but it's true.

    Look at how many big construction projects are chock-full of foreign labour. It's because they are expendable, if I had a pound everytime I've heard someone think they are giving me a home truth by telling me they don't like older/British/unionised/direct labour blokes (delete as appropriate) because they are awkward or slow or expensive as justification why they have brought in 10 Croatian blokes for the cost of 2 british workers, I could retire. They do it because they can essentially bully them and have them working their bollock's off for nothing. Which is not on in my eye's.

    God bless those poor people affected by this, I'm afraid some very rich people have got a lot of blood on their soft, dirty hands.
  • Re: Tonight's the night

    Super Charlton we are Charlton Covered end We are Charlton!!!!
    Gotta be enough
  • Re: Tonight's the night

    Personally I think the Moderators do a magnificent job and hand out Promotes only when a post truly deserves it.

    I'd willingly sell my house and all it's contents to assist the Moderators in what is an unthankable and difficult task which they do with nothing but grace and dignity for all members.

    While compiling this season's stats AFKA and I realised, with a suggestion by Stig, that we never published the 2014/15 report, so here it is:

    There are 20 pages with each page numbered at the bottom of the page, but there are some gaps between pages so keep scrolling down - good luck

    (Ed: click on table to open in a new, expandable window)
  • Re: Tonight's the night

    Please note than some of us didn't take advantage of the situation.

    Promotes are earned through thoughtful and inciteful posts and the sheer wonderfulness of Board moderators, not solicited through sycophancy.
  • Re: Tonight's the night

    I'll have one, 6 away games this season driven 2000 miles, finally got to see a win today.