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  • Re: Game Of Thrones

    The religions are harder to pin down. The Faith of the Seven is clearly Catholicism in its structure.
    I have a feeling there's going to be a twist with the religions. Not quite that Bran is actually all of the gods, but something that shows they're all one and the same.
  • Re: Summer Transfer Rumours (Non-Charlton Related)

    West Ham have agreed to buy Hernandez from Bayer Leverkusen for £16m.
    My Bayer Leverkusen supporting girlfriend (don't laugh, it's true) is absolutely gutted about this. He's got a great record at Bayer and they'll find it very hard to replace him.
    Should do well for West Ham. Don't know why Man Utd sold him in first place.
  • Re: The 2017 Summer Transfer Rumours Thread

    Pearce is better than Morrison.
    That's why one has spent the peak of his career in League One and the other has almost led two sides to the Championship playoffs in recent years.
    Pearce has spent several seasons in the Championship, including 3 seasons with Leeds
    Who ditched him
    Wednesday ditched Morrison. Leicester ditched Yann...
  • Re: The 2017 Summer Transfer Rumours Thread

    Even 5 or 6k is a lot for a guy yet to show any return on investment.

    We could get a couple of solid players in for that
    I assume you mean 5-6 million? (for Konsa)

    Heck yeah. We could get James Justin, age 20, at LB for 1 mil, get Lawrence Vigouroux (the best keeper below the Championship) for 1.5 mil and get Ollie Watkins at striker, who is 19 and just won Player of The Year for League Two, for 3.5 mil. Done, done and done.

    Would do that all day long. Solves those three positions until at least the year 2025.

  • Re: BBC Salary Controversy

    Surprised anne robinson wasn't in there. A friend of mine was on the weakest link (the Scottish islands one), she said it took over 8 hours to film the show. She also said robinson was a miserable cow.
    Met her a couple of times. Very strong woman. First British female editor of a daily newspaper who sacked her after demands from the Royal household for disclosing Diana's anorexia.

    Nice to know the Daily Mirror is not part of the establishment.
  • Re: Tour de France 2017

    Still got the vuelta to come next month.
    Which was superb last year.
  • Re: Tour de France 2017

  • Re: Our brilliant youth academy

    Are we credited for Defoe as last season he would be our best product in the PL along with Harry Arter. Randolph played several games for West Ham

    Struggling to think who the Villa and Derby players would have been?
    Ahh I forgot Arter. I knew I was missing someone.

    Do we count Randolph and Elliot? Randolph joined us at 17 I think and I believe Elliot was 18 or 19. For goalkeepers that's still very young, but I want to say they only spent a year in our academy each (if that).
    On that basis we should get credit for Defoe, but not the 2 keepers, and not Lookman.

    After bringing through Defoe, Parker and Konch, the former 2 being amongst the best ever products of our academy, there seemed to be a bit of a lull from the mid 2000s onwards, with surprisingly few PL regulars being produced and not of that level.
  • Re: New 5 Year Kit Deal With Hummel (Away Kit Revealed, pg.19)

    I admit - the launch has been.....different this year

    Not sure why it's been the way it has. I think there's merit in the odd teaser but this has been treated in a most peculiar fashion
    Can't you just come out and say it's been a bit wanky and weird like the ownership .......
    No I thought not