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  • Re: January (2017) Transfer (Rumours) Thread

    KR rules out move for Will Grigg
    No surprise there but still disapointed.
  • Re: Something to fill the time

    Really enjoyed chapter 1. Looking forward to the others. Best of luck with the job hunt!!
  • Re: Updated Squad List - 18 January 2017

    We have plenty of players but not enough quality in the vital positions.

    If you want good strikers and attacking midfielders you have to pay the money. It is that simple.
    or develop them.

    And to be fair we reportedly paid £700k for Ajose, £250k for Magennis (both big fees for this level) and offered a lot more in wages to Novak than other league clubs were willing to do. Who can guess how much Watt is on compared to the rest of the team?

    What continues to kill us is the wages being spent on players who aren't playing either because of injury (Kashi) or because they were bought by Driesen/Meire and given silly money which no one else will pay. Consequently they either sit around or on the bench waiting for their contracts to run down (Johnson and Ba) or are out on loan (Sarr, Cebellos, Vetokele). Watt too but he's back again so another manager has a go at turning him around.
  • Re: January (2017) Transfer (Rumours) Thread

    KR rules out move for Will Grigg
    Can't access at work, is it due to money?
    Don't know,ask your boss or I.T department.
  • Re: General things that Annoy you

    When you push a button to call an elevator, it lights up to confirm it had been pressed but somebody comes along right behind you and pushes it again! Do they not trust me to have pushed this correctly first time around???

    Same with crossings at traffic lights!

    The same thing on buses. Someone pushes the bell for the next stop then some other prick presses it as well and then another.
  • Re: Something to fill the time

    Cheers for all the feedback and thanks everyone who's read so far. Means a lot
  • Re: Taking corners

    While on corners, I always wonder why we cannot get more imaginative with free kicks. I was always wondering why, when Steve (hard shot) Brown played, the ball was not played sideways to Brown to shoot, away from the wall. I remember us doing once, (under Curbs I believe), but I am not sure if it was Brown. Sorry memory not so good at my age. Every free kick outside the area, seems to be shot at, or attempt to go round the wall, why not do as I suggested and play sideways to a player with a good shot on him, where the wall will not be in front of him? I do not get to see as many games as I used to, so sorry if this is happening but not being reported
  • Re: January (2017) Transfer (Rumours) Thread

    I should imagine it is because we are a basket case of a League One club and the chubby Scouser wasn't able to bull shit enough (a stretch I know...) for the player to entertain a move to SE7.

    Just a guess.