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  • Re: Wayne Shaw (Sutton reserve keeper) resigns

    IF, IF HE HAS bet on himself and eaten that pie for personal gain he has breached betting laws.

    Now I know you are taking the piss. "Eaten that pie for personal gain"?
  • Re: Pies!

    Maybe the goalkeeping squad have eaten them all?
  • Re: Robinson after Oxford - I know what needs to change

    We sacked our manager and replaced him with a manger who had been sacked from a team doing even worse than us.

    What did you expect?
  • Re: Players Marks: Charlton v Oxford

    Rudd: 6 – as has been said above, it's not his fault players don't find space for him to distribute to.
    Solly: 3.5 – had been one of our better players, but red card challenge was unforgivable.
    Page: 3.5 – average first half, poor after the break.
    Bauer: 3 – has been one of the biggest disappointments in recent months. Had a mare tonight.
    Teixeira: 3 – made some dreadful mistakes. Sometimes tries to be too flashy.
    Byrne: 3 – did he do anything apart from hit the bar?
    Crofts: 5 – below par, but still much more valuable than the likes of JFC and Byrne.
    Forster-Caskey: 2 – appalling tonight! Terrible passing, and always looks like he'll pick up two bookings.
    Holmes: 4 – should never been used as a number 10. Keeps on making reckless challenges. Another sending-off waiting to happen.
    Mavididi: 7 – miles better than anyone else in a red shirt.
    Magennis: 5 – it just hasn't happened since his return from injury.
    Aribo: 6 – looked good when he came on compared to most of those around him.
    Watt: 4.5 – didn't run as much as I'd have liked, but did create chances for others, who squandered them.
  • Re: Players Marks: Charlton v Oxford

    Rudd: 6 - did ok generally. I thought he might have done better with the goal but that may be harsh
    Solly: 5 - a reckless and foolish tackle extinguished any chance of getting anything out of the game
    Page: 4.5 - unimpressive
    Bauer: 5 - slow, shaky and was poor in possession. A good effort in injury time but well below par. His form really has dipped
    Teixeira: 5 - similar to Bauer. Sluggish
    Byrne: 4.5 - faded from view (as he has a tendency to do)
    Crofts: 4.5 - a poor game and looked leggy, although it can't have been easy playing alongside JFC
    Forster-Caskey: 3: one of the worst performances I have seen from a Charlton player for some time
    Holmes: 5.5 - played out of position behind Magennis and then as a makeshift right back. Tried hard but has yet to recover his early season form
    Mavididi: 8: MoM - with his electric speed and trickery, head and shoulders above the rest of the side
    Magennis: 4 - won practically nothing in the air, his movement was poor and he looked disinterested
    Aribo: 6.5 - some nice touches when he entered the fray
    Watt: 4 - a couple of skilful touches but I was less than impressed with him bawling out young Joe Aribo for some perceived mistake. Watt needs to concentrate on getting his own act together
  • Re: Players Marks: Charlton v Oxford

    I will start with saying these marks are not a knee jerk reaction... it was that bad.

    Rudd: 4 positionally poor for the goal, crap distribution.
    Solly: 3 was battling hard but everyone could see he was getting frustrated. Ridiculous sending off.
    Page: 3 thought he was really poor. Out muscles too often and too many hopeless punts forward.
    Bauer: 4 our best defender on the day which says a lot as I thought he was woeful. Bullied.
    Teixeira: 3.5 bullied by their attackers. Twice they were able to bring the ball down in the box from a corner. Stood off McAleny far too much for their goal.
    Byrne: 4 hit the crossbar early on. Other than that didn't do much more.
    Crofts: 4 lost McAleny for their goal. Far too slow. He should be sitting in front of the defence.
    Forster-Caskey: 3 could've had about 3 yellows before he aaa eventually booked for not a lot. He was never going to last 90 mins. Would've been sent off. Passing was terrible.
    Holmes: 5 he's a winger... so play him on the wing! Had no time or space to do much. Better when eventually moved to the wing.
    Mavididi: 7.5 breath of fresh air. Has nothing to lose and genuinely frightened them when he got the ball. Ran at them and physically matched them. This boy has got loads of promise. His mark could've been higher but went missing for a period of the game. Probably got disinterested like the rest of them.
    Magennis: 4 ineffectual. He's a big target man who relies on flicking the ball on and holding the ball up... 4-2-3-1 is not suited for him, especially when the player (Holmes) who he's meant to be holding the ball up for is playing out of position.
    Aribo: 6.5 needs to start. Like Mavididi, has no fear and is young. He may make mistakes but isn't afraid to try and get the ball moving forward. Nice run and shot and changed the game for a bit.
    Watt: 5.5 some of the marks are slightly unfair. Watt is an out and out striker. He is not suited to any other position, especially not the wing which is where he found himself when brought on. He's another player who's best suited to 4-4-2. But everyone can see it apart from KR.

    Botaka n/a

    Robinson: 0.5. The only thing he done right was the double substitution. Other than that, shocking.
  • Re: Charlton v Oxford - Match Thread (post match from P15)

    Can't wait to hear from KR how it was all the refs fault. Or maybe the players. Will he go full Pardew and blame the fans? Or maybe he will make us all love him by blaming Roland!
    Ahh he went for the players option. Not a bad choice...
  • Re: Charlton v Oxford - Match Thread (post match from P15)

    That was diabolical. Holmes and Steph put a shift in. Everyone else was an absolute joke. Ever the optimist me, not tonight.
  • Re: Latest Films

    Watched Anthropoid last night - had previously seen it on a plane but not so easy to follow on the tiny screen.

    Really enjoyed it and Cillian Murphy is, as always, excellent. 8/10
  • Re: Lowest Point Under RD!

    Been detached this season. Been 3 away games and didn't enjoy any of them.

    Been at many if these low points before with RD and last season was very traumatic.

    I can tell what a bad night it was at the Valley tonight as there is an atmosphere of sadness rather than anger.

    We get angry after games whether we are in a good or bad season and have a few beers and it's forgotten but rarely do you here supporters coming home sad in football, we really are a tragic story.