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It will soon be time to wave goodbye to this unhappy season and look forward to the summer. That tiny glimmering of hope may well be erased after this evening or maybe our improving team will keep us all on edge until the very end. It would be a magnificent achievement to stay up from the big hole in which we find ourselves, but hey ho it is the hope that causes the pain.

Whichever way our fortunes will lead us, I am happy to report that the Player Of The Year Dinner will be there regardless. Having eventually overcome attempts to snatch the Event away from us, it will continue as in the last 5 years, run by the fans and for the fans. Any profit from the tickets or the raffle will go, not to the club, but into the Fans Forum and will be used as appropriate for funding the Museum or other suitable causes.

The POTY Dinner will be held as usual on the Sunday of the May Bank Holiday Weekend, which is 1st May, doors opening 6.00 and with a 2 course meal served at 7.00. Tickets will be £37 each and go on sale from the ticket office from 9am on Monday 14th March. The Management and playing staff will attend and the allocation of players on to tables will be done by the only fair method, namely first come first served. After the meal, the result of the Player of the Year vote will be announced and also the names of this years winners to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. (more about that later).

The POTY is always a great night and this year will be no exception. Get your tickets booked early and have a player on your table. Even in such a dismal season, we can support our club and acknowledge the efforts of the players who have given their best despite all the disappointments. Maybe we will be celebrating The Great Escape. There I go again, .......still hoping !!


  • Can you confirm that the ticket office will definitely be open at 0900 on 14 Mar?
  • Can't see anyone turning up for this let alone voting.
  • £37 sounds an awful lot. Hope we're not paying for the players...!!!
  • After tonight and subsequent relegation who the hell are you going to give the trophy to?
  • Cannot think of anything worse.
  • you must be joking

  • "we can support our club and acknowledge the efforts of the players who have given their best despite all the disappointments." do you really believe they have given their best?

    I'm not so sure still holding this is a good idea at all. Do a vote by all means so that there is someone selected (god knows who though) but the evening will end in tears.... there'll be at least one fan that says something to a player and it'll all kick off.......Let alone if KM attends,

    I'd be inclined to do the usual vote if you can actually get many people to vote and leave it at that.
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  • I hope our senior management team will be there, time to unleash hell.
  • If the money goes anywhere RD's pocket then I'd rather........
  • ..........acknowledge the efforts of the players who have given their best

    That won't be a long list then !
  • I think the players should pay the £37 ticket price for the fans that have been to 30+ games.....they deserve something back.
    (That isn't me I should add!)
  • I am really sorry to write this, because i am aware of the good intentions behind organizing this event.
    However £37 for a two course 'meal' of very questionable quality (going by last year) is not a temptation.
    I presume Deleware catering will be doing it, and if their attitude is basically one that they're doing us a favour even taking the gig, then that attitude will like as not pervade their approach to the food, where they will bung out any old semi-grub and that's that.
    It might work at a lower price, but at £37 the food expectations are high, and those expectations were not met by the fare on offer last year.
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  • Can't believe too many players would have the balls to turn up for this being as most of them haven't turned up on the pitch this season
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    That's going to be a fun packed evening then :(
  • How much will it cost to sit with Katrien at this event, you all must be looking forward to that.
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  • Hijack it for a protest
  • Hijack it for a protest

    I don't think this is an event to hijack for a protest. This is a fans' event not a club event.

    Sadly, much as I would like it to be a success for the reasons outlined above, I don't know how anyone could muster the enthusiasm to vote for any of the players or find any kind of excitement in being sat at dinner with Naby Sarr and Reza.

    I hope I'm wrong for the sake of the fans that are organising the event and who deserve much better than what they have been given to work with.
  • This season shouldn't it be renamed Prick of the Year.

    Plenty of candidates to choose from.

    Johnson would get my vote.
  • Why it isn't after the last game,like the years before? We arrange to come to the last game ,book a camper,ferry and a campsite pitch...and now?! 1300km for a
    Barbecue at Abbey Wood campsite?!
  • Bloody hell, what a day to announce it. And £37 a ticket ?
  • I'm sorry but if anyone actually pays £37 to go to this then they deserve all the crap we are getting from Duchàtelet & Meire, an empty POTY dinner would speak volumes.
  • I'm sorry but if anyone actually pays £37 to go to this then they deserve all the crap we are getting from Duchàtelet & Meire, an empty POTY dinner would speak volumes.

    There'll be enough there to make it look a decent turn out. I was in Crossbars after the Cardiff game and was expecting it to be empty, but it was busy enough
  • vote Kermorgant

    for the record I wouldn't even pay £3.70 for this!
  • I'm sure all involved in the event organisation do so with sincere enthusiasm but I can't see any chance of a successful or edifying evening. £37 is far too much. The atmosphere will be toxic. The list of eligible candidates for the award is brief to put it mildly: Solly Henderson Cousins Jackson Bauer and even Pope have given as much as their bodies allow but hardly season defining. Few others could possibly have the gall to show up. Lookman has been the star but Charlton will barely register as a footnote in his career. Sincerest good luck to all involved but I fear it is folly.
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