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Blackburn v Charlton | Sat 03 Aug 2019 | POST-MATCH VIEWS

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We're off to a great start! What a result. Over to you.


  • Albie Morgan's touch is ridiculously good. What a win. Let's have it right though they were miles better than us!

  • Miracle workers the lot of em'
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  • Bowyer miracle as I ‘predicted’ ;)
  • Went for 0-2, fancied us for the win and we scored all 3 goals !
  • Albie Morgan's touch is ridiculously good. What a win. Let's have it right though they were miles better than us!

    Let's hope every team we play this season are as good then.
  • All the week the rumours thread the glass half full mob were saying the bowyer factor will keep us up regardless of what we get in.

    And that was an example of it, get in there the boys!!!!! 
  • Got to keep hold of Morgan! We would be mad to let him
    go out on loan! The kids mustard, Gallagher looks the same too! 

    I thought that was a similar match in all aspects to last seasons first game against Sunderland except this year we came away with the result our battling performance deserved! 
  • Superb result and unexpected (for many). 

    The good news is it might persuade a couple of potential loan signings to come on board. If we'd gone and lost 4-0 they might have thought 'fuck that'.

    The bad news is Roland will probably now decide we don't need any new players.
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  • Lee Lee Lee Bowyer. Cannot wait for next Saturday at The Valley. 

    Let's hope we can get the signings in and we can start to look forward to the season.
  • What an incredible result that is!!!!

    The problem is, Roland won't feel the need to sanction 4 or 5 more signings now!!
  • What we lack in technical ability how we make up for it effort and spirit. Bowyer tactically spot on. 
  • This team and manager could be better than Curb's heroes .. pure guts and will to win .. I thought we could scrape a point, didn't think we would get the 3 .. long way to go and win lose or draw I am going to enjoy every minute of it
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    Technically, Blackburn where definitely the better team

    Phillips, Lockyer, JP, DS absolutely first class, equaliser for Blackburn just unlucky

    Gallagher looked good when he came on, comfortable on the ball. 

    Better get used to that this season, dig deep and grind out the result.

    Well done AM too! 

    Considering the situation absolutely outstanding from Bowyers men
  • Great result, can't believe it, I'd take 3rd!  Thanks for the commentary Ross and all.
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Roland Out!