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Post match views: Charlton v Luton

couldn’t see one up yet but all I have to say is 

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Yessssssssssssss.  Great win.  Get in.  Buzzing 


  • Limbs 
  • Still got goosebumps 
  • Brilliant result, tempered by the fate that Roland still controls things & most of the squad plus Bowyer & Jacko are out of contract - still, nice to have a positive feeling about the club! 
  • Stunning second half performance , Bielik an absolute beast with his runs in the second half, more like a Vieira than a CB.
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  • Did Luton have a shot in the second half?
  • Thought Luton deserved first half lead but we could have had a penalty and hit the bar. Aribo and Williams didn't show up. Then the 2nd half we bossed from start to finish. Igor MOTM for me. 
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  • Did Luton have a shot in the second half?
    David Essex says “I don’t think so”
  • What a result , keeps the faint hope of autos alive but it’s gonna be play offs (imo) 

    watched on IPlayer on and off and the bits I saw first half Luton looked Pretty classy .
    second half we were brilliant Bielik and he’s surging runs a highlight .

    top two 2% ...... play off final winners 30% off final losers 48% ..... play off semi finalist losers 20%
  • What a team. And hats off to LB/JJ/AM.

    Pushing on for the autos - get in!
  • Excellent performance. Blew away 28 game unbeaten league leaders. Nothing beats The Valley. 
  • Brilliant. So good.

    Am trying to figure out if our chances of 2nd went up or down, though. 

    What do the bookies say? I don’t have before and after data. Anyone?
  • Cracking end to end game. Even first half but we were immense second half. Seemed like 90 mins went by in 10. 
  • Admittedly I don’t go that much now but can’t remember such a good performance in years.

    Great time at the walk this morning and to top it all, my wife called me just before the end to see if I wanted a lift home.

    Am now sat on the sofa with an ice cold beer and snacks watching a film together 
    Walking home, declined the lift. 
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